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  1. I had a C&P exam in 2012 with a va psy. That claim was denied. In 2013 I had filed an NOD. The va sent me to another c&p the exam was did by the same va psyc when i went into her office she told me that she had misdiagnosed me on my first c&p and was going to make it right on this c&p i was awarded 50% for ptsd. I filed for an increase and went to another c&p after things got even worse. At this c&p there was a different psyc i was awarded 70% increase. I filed for IU now i am going to see the va psyc that misdiagnosed me the first time any suggestions on what i need to do. Or has this happen to any other veteran. I really do not trust this psyc. Thanks
  2. I am 50% service connected for ptsd. Had 2 episodes at work that extremely aggravated the ptsd. The pysciatrist for my employer would not let me return to work. He recommended that they either reassign me to another position or put me on disability. He to made the diagnoses for PTSD. Can anyone tell me what my chances are for increase. Oh yea my employer refused to reassign me