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  1. I was denied. I filed a NOD for tinnitus. I have delayed onset tinnitus. Now just trying to see if anyone knows of a doctor or audiologist that referenced any medical literature to explain delayed onset tinnitus for their patient.
  2. Update: I received a medical opinion grom a doctor that states my tinnitus is likely from my military service, but with no rationale for the delayed onset of tinnitus. Is there any medical documentation out there the doctor can reference that supports the delayed onset of tinnitus?
  3. I got my denial letter in the mail today. I don't think my va hearing exam was included in the evidence for the rater because the date of the hearing exam was so close to the date of the rating decision. My va hearing test I saw in my health record showed normal to mild sensorineural hearing loss, and the speech testing showed 20 for speech recognition threshold, 100 for speech discrimination score, and 60 for presentation level.
  4. I haven't received my denial in the mail yet, but I am confused why I was denied. I thought my combat action ribbon from OEF proved a service connection along with the va audiologist test (not a cp exam, and I was never scheduled for a cp exam) that showed hearing loss and my statement to the va audiologist about constant tinnitus would guarantee my service connected hearing loss and tinnitus claim? My va audiologist exam from my va pcp referral was only a week before the raters decision.
  5. So I just checked ebenefits and it said my tinnitus and hearing loss claim was not service connected. Not sure if it was denied or just not service connected. Now what? Not sure why. I am waiting for the letter in the mail.
  6. The ENT doc that performed the exam was a VA qualified audiologist at the VA hospital. Will that be enough evidence at least for an ACE telephone call exam, or do you think I Will still have a C&P exam?
  7. Update: I just saw my va report from ent online. Minor hearing loss. Issuing me hearing aids. Doc stated that I reported to her constant bilateral tinnitus from my combat in oef. I am assuming that should get me at least the 10% sc tinnitus and 0% sc hearing loss? This was not a c&p exam. This was referral from my va pcp.
  8. Update: had a va audiology exam today. Minor hearing loss. They are giving me hearing aids. Briefly discussed tinnitus. Ent doc said my tinnitus is also part of hearing loss from combat. I am assuming that should get me at least the 10% tinnitus?
  9. I saw in my ebenefits that I am at the stage of preparation for decision. My understanding is that I might not receive a cp exam, but in my case I believe the cp exam would help my case for hearing loss and tinnitus because the tinnitus has gotten worse. What to do? Wait for a decision and if it is not good, then appeal or what?
  10. Because my understanding is that the thing that gets most vets denied is the service connection part.....and in my case with tinnitus, according to U.S. code title 38, 1154 (b), my combat in oef will give me the service connection?
  11. So 1) my lay statement of recurrent ringing in both of my ears that has affected my daily life, even though the ringing started after my separation from the army, 2) the ringing is from artillery, gunfire, and ied blasts, while in oef, and 3) the service connection coming from my combat in oef with proof on dd214 of oef and my combat action ribbon.....it sounds like I have a solid/pretty much guaranteed tinnitus claim of 10%.
  12. Scotter 04, my mos is listed as "low" for noise exposure, but my noise exposure came from combat in oef, which is listed on my dd214 along with my CAB, as I was always on missions outside the wire with infantry units and around artillery, heavy machine guns, and ied blasts.
  13. So it seems from the replies so far, as long as I describe that I hear the ringing in my ears quite often and that it definitely affects my life, which it does and it has, I should at least receive the 10% for tinnitus, since the determination is subjective and that the tinnitus is from my combat in OEF and that I have a combat action badge on my dd214 as proof?
  14. I just want to understand the tinnitus process for compensation so that I have realistic expectations. My VSO said I should get the 10% for tinnitus even with normal hearing. I want to make sure I say the right things in the c&p exam as to my on-and-off again ringing in both ears. So is there anything I should/should not say at the c&p exam (of course I am not talking about lying)? USMC_vet, are you saying that the tinnitus rating Will be purely subjective based on what I say along with my CAB proving that I was around gunfire/artillery/ied's? Even though my tinnitus came about post-active duty? I personally know the tinnitus had to have come from combat with no ear protection.
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