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  1. @Andyman73 I am so sorry that I am just getting your like but I wish the best for you, GOD Bless you and go get what is rightfully yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hi, Yes, I can share with the route I took. I first had to admit to myself that I had mental issues that I thought was only visible only to me and only on the inside but not true my family and friends have since shared with me that I was a totally different person after the military and even considered having me committed. I first went to my local VARO , where I was assigned a Social Worker and a Psychologist, Diagnosed, and prescribed 5 different medications which I still take daily. I was scheduled a C&P exam which was terrifying because I had to relive my worst nightmare to a total stranger, I was awarded 70%. I attempted to rejoin the work force but was unable to, my Psychologist warned me that before hand that I was not ready and perhaps never would be able to work again. She encouraged me to apply for an increase and she even wrote a letter on my behalf without me asking. I put that letter away because there was no way I was going to go through another C&P. Two weeks later at my next appointment she asked me about the letter I told her that I wasn't going to file for an increase because of the C&P and she said to me "It's your decision but in my opinion you will never work again". I sent in my paperwork that day and I also applied for SSDI that day. I hope this helps you and if you need to message me you can, anytime. That's if it okay with Hadit. I am a little uncomfortable bearing all in an open setting but if it helps you , I'm okay GOD BLESS!
  3. Hi, I share your pain, I was in the same situation for over 30 years before I filed my claim. My illness prior to therapy and group sessions was like slowly peeling a band aid off a festering wound until finally the band aid just ripped itself off and left a pathetic mentally ill shell of my former self. I had to leave a job that I loved after 23 years because I could no longer function in the setting where there was a crowd and lots of noise, I isolated myself from my family and friends until my husband of 26 years gave me an ultimatum, get help or I'm leaving, I got help and am slowly living again. I put in a intent to file, I went into my garage and pulled out my briefcase from my military days, found the evidence I needed to win my claim, I bought myself a laptop, found Hadit (enormous help) and read from a distance the questions and answers on this board. I worked my claim with only GOD and myself, I was awarded 70% after 6 months, I put in for IU and SSDI three weeks later, I was awarded SSDI and 100% P&T within a month of each other with IU being moot. My claim took nine months from start to finish. I am still in therapy and I attend group with 6 others every two weeks for 2 years now, get help and GOD BLESS!
  4. Hi Jaydog, In my situation, I had the diagnoses but no nexus. My C&P examiner provided the nexus linking my assault to MST. I think, at least in my case that the examiner has final word over VA doctor. Good luck with your claim and GOD Bless.
  5. Hi floridanurse, it would be better to have then in your possession, it took me about six months to get my personnel records as they had lost my STR. They will send for them but it will take them the same amount of time prolonging your claim. You can put in you claim now "Intent to file" saving the date for your claim. Make sure you request all records personnel, STR etc, Good luck
  6. Hi, Navy4life, I don't mean to intrude, however I received a letter from someone I am guessing is working on my claim, they wanted to know if I wanted to file a claim for a condition that I mentioned in my original paper work that I didn't put a claim in for. They sent me VA form 21-526 to fill out, which I did and it hasn't slowed down my claim, as a matter of fact I'm in PFD right now I hope everything works out to your benefit. GOD Bless you and yours.
  7. Hi Hadit members, I am a member and a lurker by choice because I don't have much to say. I have learned enough to file my own claim and represent myself only because of what I have learned here on this wonderful site, I would still be hiding and suffering if it wasn't for the vast knowledge I have gained just by sitting back and observing what is being said. I have a question that I am having problems deciphering and I know someone here can help guide me in the right direction. My claim is in Gathering Evidence, I have had my C&P and on Ebenefits it says Initial Review complete, also it says that from me they need for me to complete and return the enclosed form but I can't find an enclosed form to complete, There is also something new that appeared on my claimed disabilities list, it says dependency(new).. I want to thank you guys in advance because I know there is an answer waiting for this novice, Thank you for your service! and GOD bless.
  8. Report What? That she can still smile and have a life despite the pain? I wish I could do that but I'm not letting the fact that I am not able to do that right now stop me from striving to let that be my ultimate goal. She did nothing wrong, What about this? Locate her attacker, I'm sure he's smiling and having fun, probably looking aggressively for his next victim. My advice to you is to not give this person anymore grief, she's been through enough.
  9. I am new to this site and I thank God for leading me here, as I have found knowledge here that I haven't found anywhere else. I am a MST survivor and I have been trolling different sites for years, I want to know, why do you send MST survivors to different sites when you guys have have the expertise to help all veterans. Speaking for myself I already don't feel as if I'm a veteran even though I have served honorably, I am 52 years old and I am scared everyday, I need you guys, and I am sure that many of the veterans that have experienced what I have feel the same way, we need your help. Our scars run deep, some of us haven't been under enemy attack but we have had to fight the enemy, Help us, let us in on your discussions please.
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