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  1. We had exactly the same thing happen. Actually sent for records twice too. The last batch we not only got the blank sheets but a hen scratch note that hubby had lacerated his hand and had sutures put in and a tetanus shot (I think) and that was it, no return to clinic notes on removal of stitches or follow up, nor initial injections at entry, and while there is a note about being in ward, not a word on why or when. A follow up urine that says "retake" and a note that GFR was 1.4 and that chest was ok. No vitals nothing else. At discharge there is a form that basically says he was waiving his
  2. We are sitting with DRO Review Pending since June 2015. Thats 734days. Got ya beat!
  3. You my friend are my hero for waiting and pursuing for this long. 50 years is a very long time. We have been waiting on my husbands since 2009 and we are right now awaiting a DRO Review and Hearing. Such a struggle.
  4. Hi Berta,

    Thank you for all you do for Veterans, I am wondering if you could address this. I am helping my husband with his claims and pending appeals. He has a multitude of issues following a debilitating hemmorhagic stroke in 2008. We got his service records over 5 different requests that provided his service medical treatement records and service records, I had an IMO done for him with his medical records and his personal records. The STR show he had an elevate BP at entry of 140/90 which was very high for someone 22resting. After ecercise it was 148/94. it continured over the years and for any years the docs kepot telling him diet and exercise which he did do all the time. In fact he was riding his bike as usual, when he collapsed. His BP has gone as high as 193/100 or more on occassions, In 2004 long before the stroke he was diagnosed with COPD, even though he never smoked, He has gone 2 times in service to the dispensary but dont know what for, since there are no records, He says because the pesticide fumes made him sick that they were spraying in the facilities and around the base. I see a Dispensary notation but no records in his C file. Also no records on injections they gave, Just that he was there. His dental records are there, and his eye glass records but not the 2 visits that are showing. Also found a record of his hand injury and sutures. At discharge the record shows nothing other than a lower BP reading,and 0's accross the audiogram( he says he never had an exam) and to boot I found in the C file a lab document showing a retake of a urine with a Creatinine of 1.4 (Kidney disease?) I asked the Army for records they insisted they had none on pesticides. I did my own digging found a retired COL. who was Chief of Environmental Command there and he told me they were spraying in 1962-1963 Diazinon. Mallathion,Chlordane, DDT, Lindane, Nicotine Sulfate, 2,4,5,-T along with 2,4,D. He put that in writing, I also searched further found out that the baserecieved a shipment of Phosgene and it was just before his arrival. They had a chemical weapons training field they had used land mines filled with mustard in the 40s that they used for training, And then I got the Industrial Hygiene Surveys that ran from 1956. all which confirmed heavy carbon monoxide levels in training facilities (and in tank exhaust) along with none other IH concern about the pesticides which were sprayed by 5-8 men, 8hrs per day from April until October, IMO doc issued the following report: I could not get the name to redact so I have just ssent it to you in whole, If you can change it there I would appreciate it. My system is old, and my scanner just files it as is. At any rate I am wondering your opinion on this case now, All have been sent to VADr Ellis MD Nexus Letter Nov 20 2015 (3) - Copy.jpgDr Ellis MD Nexus Letter Nov 20 2015 (3) - Copy.jpgDr Ellis MD Nexus Letter Nov 20 2015 (4) - Copy.jpgDr Ellis MD Nexus Letter Nov 20 2015 (4) - Copy.jpgDr Ellis MD Nexus Letter Nov 20 2015 (5) - Copy.jpg


    Dr Ellis MD Nexus Letter Nov 20 2015 (2) - Copy.jpg

    1. Berta


      I don't feel Dr. Ellis's  medical rationale is strong enough for some of these issues.

      Did he fully opine on the MRI of the CVA?

      Did he rule out ischemic heart disease as potential cause of stroke?

      Or transcient ischemia due to diabetes causing stroke?

      In case the stroke was not hemorrhage at all but instead ischemic ....a mistake VA made when they initially diagnosed my husband's stroke.

      HBP can contribute to stroke as my recent CUE 1151 award reveals. But I don't think that evidence would help you.

      I think you should post in the main forum where others can also opine on this. I hardly ever read anything in my profile,except to find my last posts.

      We would need to see what his SC ratings are now and what for, as well as a  copy of any denials he received that are being appealed.The C file, name ,address ect. can be covered prior to scanning and attaching to a post in the main forum.

      A copy of the C & P exams would be good too. in the public forum....where more can opine on all this.


    2. lfredrick123


      Thanks Berta, I will post and make sure the evidence supports this info.

  5. Dont know if this will help, but husband served in a tank squadron as a turret artillery repairman. Tanks were known to have heavy Carbon Dioxide from the diesel fuels in the turret and in the smoke and obliterants. We were digging for military evidence and found industrial hygiene surveys done at the base he was at that had multiple years of reporting that showed excessive levels of Carbon Monoxide in the training areas and heavy pollution levels. You might check to see if there were any surveys done at your particular base that would show it as a health hazard, and if they were doing anythin
  6. We are waiting on a sleep apnea claim as well. Hubby had the study and clearly because he is a CO2 retainer and has hypoxia on top, it has caused Respiratory failure. He no long sleeps just 4 hrs but a full 9 , his snoriing had subsided along with the night terrors, His heart has improved and he if feeling better as well. He has a tracheostomy and so his maching attaches diredtly to that. Had to juno through mounds of hoops to get it however and many questions from Drs about it. I actually had to go with him into a trach hospotal for 3 weeks  with him to train in its use. Its been a big help.

    1. EODCMC


      Wow, my heart goes out to you and your husband. I wish you well.

    2. EODCMC


      BTW, my wife is hailing the CPAP. I have not woken her once since adjusting to it. For that reason alone, it is worth it. Had I know, I would have started years ago. 

  7. First of all request your entire claims file including all of your VA and Service Treatment records from the date of your entry into the service and up to present date. You need to include a photocopy of your driver's license and the necessary VA form you need by going to the VA medical center for your area. You will see a patient portal and when you click on it, it. Will take you to how to request medical records. Fill it out and sign it and send with the. ID. It would be better if you could go in person but if not send it to the health information officer at the med center,make a copy of the
  8. We used Dr John Ellis MD WHERE ARE THEY: Oklahoma City OK NAME: Dr John Ellis WHAT IS THEIR SPECIALTY (or what you were seen for):- He does Medical Lar and Forensic Medicine, he is an expert in Occupational Medicine, and he teaches other medical progessionals about Forensic medicine , His Curriculum Vitae is extensinve. He is Board Certified, and his practice is primarily Occupational Medicine. COST:$650 CONTACT: 5100 N Brookline Ave # 465, Oklahoma City, OK 73112 (405) 917-5336 REVIEW (keep the Yes or No, based on whats correct) Did they review your entire file (YES) (NO) -- Yes Did they p
  9. First of all we just got my husbands hearing aid. You need to make sure he is enrolled in the health care program. I took my husband to the VA Hospital, filled out the forms and in about 2 weeks he got his card. Once that is done, he needs to be seen in the primary care clinic. In our case we chose the Community Based Clinic. When we went for the appointment I told them he was having hearing issues and they referred him to the hearing clinic. We went to the clinic a few weeks later and he was evaluated. He had left side hearing loss and tinnitis. They ordered the appliance and within the mont
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