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  1. No, because the VA didnt send him his records until 2 weeks after the NOD was due. He did say that they should be in his medical records, which base, etc but we did not have the actual records to say where or attach. Thanks. We will be patient. It is hard but we will wait to get the actual letter. Our VA Rep is who told us about the increased award. He got a call on Friday for another C&P exam in 2 hours. He went and did the exam that day. On Monday, his VSO emailed to let him know that his increased had been awarded and the effective date of 10/28/15. ebenefits has not been updated to show increased SC rating or anything else. Last time, it took a few days from the VSO to ebenefits being updated. Thanks Berta! You are a wealth of info!!
  2. Hello, Does the bolded mean that it only goes back to the 2nd C&P exam date? Even though you filed an appeal of the original awarded percentage? In other words, they do not have to go back to the original date of filing? Thanks
  3. Good Morning! My husband submitted his NOD at the end of August. He got called on Fri for a Increase appt for his rated condition. This was one of the conditions we appealed. He was granted an increase on that day effective for 10/28/2016. The rest of the conditions are set to REP (not sure what that means). Since he appealed the rating on the one condition and an increase was granted, shouldn't he get back pay to the original date? Also, how does the REP status work? 4 of the conditions he did the NOD for were stated to not be service connected. When we finally got his SMR, I found where they were contained in his records. I am afraid that we will not get the date of disability back to his original filing date. Any information is appreciated.
  4. He has records for one of his conditions within a few months of his exit from Active Duty. Some of his other items he did not directly seek care for them because he was afraid of being medically boarded while in the reserves. He has a significant issue with respiratory issues that were non existent prior to the Kuwait service. Others are from about 10 years after and show exacerbated condition. He was in a medical unit and he played the tough guy. He would get hurt at drill or on AD orders (his two weeks), and then get care when he got home. Because it didn't happen during his actual active duty time, the C&P doc said it didn't count. I will file for his records. We have all his records from his Reserve time. I believe I filed one of those forms to get records from the National Archives (bar coded form, he had to sign) and they deferred us to the state since he is Retired Reserve.
  5. Thanks BlueVet - One challenge I am having is that he was a medic and his buddies took care of him. I am going to reach out to a few and see what I can find out. I am hoping with a buddy statement and some other reviews, it will be helpful. I am requesting his C-File and requesting a few other medical records that we figured out today, he needed. I have a feeling that I am going to have a large set of sticky notes to go through. Appreciate the help!
  6. Hi Buck! Thank you so much for your time! He got rated 10%. We are going to appeal. For the letters, do we submit those with the appeal? Any insight is appreciated.
  7. My husband had his gulf war exam and the examiner stated that his Sleep Apnea was not a presumptive illness nor was his chronic sinusitis/respiratory illnesses. From my research, I found that they were. Additionally, he had several years of medical records removed and shredded from his file by someone trying to be helpful. In the denial that he got, it stated he had no records when that was removed from his medical file. Additionally, he told the examiner that he generally uses pads for his anal leakage but was not wearing one that day. She gave him 10% because he doesn't need one all the time. Anyway to fight that? If this is not the right place to post this, please let me know. If you need me to post the C&P exam notes, I can. Thank you for any insight you can give me.
  8. I talked with him about buddy statements but he doesn't seem to still have contact with those folks. She did say there was medical evidence since leaving the military but that there was none in service. I will review how the IMO works. Thanks!!
  9. My husband was a medic and had several years of records destroyed while he was in service that dealt with his foot injuries and other stuff. He says that his SGT said that it had to go otherwise he would never be promoted. Additionally, he says that they were told to suck it up and not go to sick call so he dealt with a lot of issues on his own. He went NG after 2011 and transferred to the retired reserves last year. He filed for disability and had his Gulf War Exam. Where it was noted that although he claimed items that occurred after he was overseas, because he sought no treatment in service that they are not service connected. I get that he should have seen the doc in service. I need to know if there is any way to get them connected. I am the more realist, untrusting person in this relationship where he believes everything he is told and that the "right" thing will happen. The only thing that she said might be likely due to the Gulf War was his unexplained anal leakage and diarrhea. Is there any hope?
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