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  1. Good evening! I have a question regarding special monthly compensation. I'm currently rated as S1 and my appeal has been added to the docket in DC. I need to see what my chances are getting bumped to L, L1/2 or M? My current service connected disabilities 1. PTSD-100% 2. Asthma-60% on appeal seeking 100% 3. Endometrosis-50% 4. Migraines-50% 5. Eczema-10% 6. Rt knee-10% 7. Lt knee-10% 8. Leaking heart valve-0% 9. Bells Palsy-0% 10. Pregnancy Complications-0% Any help or suggestions would be helpful Thank you!!
  2. Special Monthly Compensation, Please help

    thank you so much!!
  3. Special Monthly Compensation, Please help

    Wow!! That's very confusing. Thank you sooo much! Just when I thought I understood everything....I think I understand that I do not qualify for SMC L based on the qualifications for L. I guess I'm asking like is it possible to get S and K? (As long as it doesn't exceed L, rt?) I thought I seen somewhere that a 0% service connected disability is normally paid like K. So even though I don't qualify for L adding S and 3 Ks(3 0% ratings) would actually equal L (payment wise) Now I know my husbands claim is extremely difficult. Is it normal to rate Lupus and all the side effects such as kidney failure under lupus? I guess I'm just a bit confused? And when we applied for Aid & Attendance for my husband we used the correct forms etc. I'm just baffled they denied it. He's down more than half the month so I'm not sure what they meant by he's not in need of regular aid and attendance. The appeal process here is 3 to 5 years, is there a way to speed up the process since its for aid and attendance?
  4. Good Evening Everyone! Okay I have a few questions regarding my Disability claim as well as my husband. First let me start off by listing all my service connected disabilities: 1.) PTSD-100% 2.) 60% Asthma 3.) 50% Migraines 4.) 50% Endometrosis with IBS 5.) 10% Eczema 6.) 10% Rt. Knee 7.) 10% Left Knee 8.) 0% scar left breast 9.) 0% hernia 10.) 0% rt breast scar I'm currently rated 100% SMC S and I'm paid at the housebound rate. I'm a little confused. Another veteran told me I should be rated L or L1/2 because I was getting paid the housebound rate prior to Migraines and Asthma being increased from 10% to now 50% and 60%. Is this true? I read on one forum (can't remember where) that I should receive the letter S and 3 K's which ultimately equals L. Just confused. Also, my husband was medically retired due to Lupus. He's currently rated at 100% for Lupus and 100% for Depression. I recently applied for Aid & Attendance because with two kids and my own disabilities (no family within 2 1/2) its extremely hard. When he has flares he can't do anything. He has flares anywhere from 2 to 3 times a month lasting anywhere from5 to 7 days. His civilian dr filled out the Aid & Attendance form and explained how bad he needed this benefit. Well of course the VA denied it. They stated Aid & Attendance is for someone in regular need of assistance. They also stated since he can walk with a cane 25 ft he doesn't need it as well. I'm really at the end of my rope with the VA. To add insult to injury, when I filed a claim for his kidenys (he has stage 3 kidney failure) they said that falls under Lupus. I understand if I opened a claim regarding back, joint or neck pain, but Kidney failure! We have a two young kids and we will make due, but I can't make it to my MST meetings unless I have someone here with my husband. Sorry, folks I had to vent. Please help
  5. Hello veterans! This is my first time actually asking a question on this forum, but I've looked through this forum previously. First and foremost I would like to thank all of my sisters and brothers who served....thank you for your service. I'm currently rated 100% P&T SMC S and I would like to see if I'm rated correctly. I do have a C&P coming up next month for asthma. When I was initially rated in 2005, I rarely had to take any medication for asthma. Over the last few years it's gotten worse to where now I'm on Dulera, turdoza inhalers and two two nasal sprays. I've been on steroids at least 4 times since December. It's gotten so bad I had to call 911 because I couldn't breath. With that being said, my current rating for asthma is 10%. Will I qualify for a higher rating for asthma? I have also listed my other disabilities PTSD 100% P&T Migraines 50% Endometriosis with irritable bowel 50% Asthma 10% Rt knee 10% Left knee 10% Eczema 10% Leaking heart valve 0%