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  1. Hello Everyone, After being approved for Voc Rehab and driving 35 miles back and forth to the VR&E office, I was recently sent a letter denying me for these benefits. Overall, it was a TERRIBLE experience. I felt like she was patronizing me each time i walked into her office. Despite taking the tests, giving her my transcripts and everything going smoothly(i thought), it seemed like each time I met with her their were new reasons to string me along not give me an IWRP. One time it was the testing, the next time it was that she wasnt prepared. I almost felt as if the counselor Allison, Didn't want me to be a part of the program(despite being approved and being entitled for the VR&E benefits). I felt defeated and even went as far as calling the regional office in Philadelphia. That proved to not work as the associate VRO told me that "my counselor knows my situation and file best, she should be able to point me in the right direction." Can anyone else share their experience (good, bad or ugly) and interactions with VOC Rehab getting(or TRYING TO get) the benefits we are entitled to in the VR&E program? Thanks, Pat
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