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  1. I opted into ramp on 4/26 of this year. My NOD was closed out a short time later and a new claim was opened in Ebenefits. Then that claim was closed and reopened on 7/6 and a C&P was done on 8/10. Ive been at prep for decision since 8/20 and no movement since then. Is this normal? The claim is for an increase of 1 already service connected disability. I can’t seem to find any good data on current processing times for RAMP. Anyone else in a similar situation?
  2. First off, thx to the mods for this board and for allowing me to join. I've always enjoyed being around fellow service brothers and sisters regardless of the branch. I'm having some issues and I'm not exactly sure what to do and was hoping someone on here could give me some advice. I was honorably discharge, medically, from the marines in Dec of 97 due to flat feet. They still hurt to this day, but this isn't the reason I'm posting here. The reason I'm posting here is that on average of about once a week (saying average here as sometimes it's 2 to 3 per week other weeks none) I have very vivid dreams of being called back to military service. These started a few weeks after I was discharged. When I have these dreams I'll wake up in a very frantic/paniced state. My chest feels tight and most times I'll lie in bed until the panic stops or I'll go out to the couch to try to calm down. Sometimes I want to wake my wife to ask her if everything is OK and I'm not actually going back. Some days I'll call off work and tell my boss I wasn't feeling well that day. The dreams will often affect the rest of my day leaving me irritable and wanting to be left alone. I left the service with a lot of guilt and shame of having this type of discharge and the feeling of leaving my fellow Marines behind. My question is am I still eligible to go back to the VA to address this issue? I know I've been out for awhile, but I've been carrying this around for the past 14 years and it feels like it's eating me up inside. When I have bad days I'll snap at my wife over the littlest of things, but never get violent with her. I've shared some of this with her in the past, but think it's time to sit down with her and have a heart to heart over what I'm dealing with. I'm employed right now and the job helps bring structure to my life. I'll file a claim if I need to, but to be honest a disability rating isn't that important to me rather than getting help and learning how to put this behind me or at least how to deal with it when it happens. Thanks everyone.
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