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  1. I agree buck. They shouldn't reexamine any other claim except the one that the veteran has applied to increase. But, I don't think that's the case. I think they are always looking for a way to screw us. I will probably go through with the claim for an increase in migraines once I have exhausted all my options with the DAV.
  2. I agree with you usmc vet. I would rather be whole and 0%, but that isn't the case and I do not trust the VA to look out for my best interests. I may just stick it out and go through the C&P exams again. I know that I deserve my current rating plus an increase in migraines from 30-50% according to their criteria. If i do it I will have to just stick to my guns.
  3. Thanks Navy04. I'll consider it carefully. I would hate for them to take away my P&T. It adds peace of mind.
  4. The DAV rep recently told me that 30+10+10+10 will equal and additional 60% and that I should wait several months for them to audit my file. If I don't receive it we will send them a letter. I'm not holding my breath.
  5. The DAV has always told me that I should not pursue an increase. They said any time they look at your file they either reduce or increase. Last year I received a letter about an appeal for an increase in PTSD (which I never filed). The letter said that the VA needed me to come to a video conference to plead my case. I told the DAV and they suggested I drop it, so that I don't risk anything. I agreed, and they said they would send the VA a letter asking for the claim to be dropped. A couple of months ago I received a letter saying that they had done the video hearing without me (I don't know if the VA sent the letter). The board found that I was entitled to a change from unemployability to 100% P&T and I would receive back pay to 2010...... Sometimes you can't trust the DAV.
  6. Chuck that is the reason. I am currently very close to SMC S, but according to va math 30+10+10+10 doesn't equal 60. The additional $400 a month would really help out, and like I said, I currently meet the criteria for 50% migraines which would qualify me for SMC S. I shouldn't have to worry about the VA taking away what I have, but we all know they cannot be trusted.
  7. I am currently 100% p&t for more than 5 years. I am also rated at 10%knee, 10%back 10%foot and 30% for migraines, but I meet the criteria for 50%. If I apply for an increase would I be putting my 100% p&t in jeopardy?
  8. Does the 60% have to combine through VA math, or would 30+10+10+10 count as 60?
  9. Thanks for the info pete.
  10. Thanks for answering the original question. Any information helps. I don't understand why you could possibly presume to assess my competency off two sentences. You have no clear understanding of my ability to control myself, but you feel some need to comment on my right to bear arms. How about you provide general information on what I can expect from the VA and you trust that I can assess myself better than a stranger who only knows two very condensed sentences about me. I don't need to be insulted when I am asking for information.
  11. asknod you say you have used firearms in anger many times and you and you were actually kicked out of the military, and yet you are interested in "old guns that go rat-a-tat-tat." That's pretty xxxxxxx hypocritical. Maybe you should evaluate your own situation before you shit your opinion onto the internet.

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