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  1. Dr Ellis IMO

    Gastone, thanks but I believe Nick2021 is the veteran that was denied, I'm currently at 100%p&t housebound on my ratings. Nick2021, Gastone brought up a great point, if they did not consider your IMO and you have proof that you submitted it, such as registered return receipt, that definitely sounds like a cue. I also apologize for being absent for so long, I've really been struggling with my health.
  2. His email hasn't changed to my knowledge, it's the same as the one I posted earlier in this post, they probably removed it from the site but it still works. Good luck to you
  3. I agree with Hamslice, when I completed the form for my daughter, she was still in HS as well and I did give the name of her high school, as well I submitted I believe the fall schedule for the college she was starting once completing hs and her beginning/ending term dates for both hs and college. You could also include a statement explaining that she is graduating her hs this year and will be enrolling in college after graduating high school. Like Hamslice said, you want to submit the form ASAP.
  4. Vlobo, I believe that the statement showing on your ebenefits might just be a standard response, as I was recently awarded 100%p&t on a NOD I submitted. I had the exact same statement show up and was very concerned because I felt the decision was fair and went back far enough on EED. When I called the 1-800 number I was told that although Ebennies said they received a form 9, they had not and I had 60 days to submit one if I wanted. So you definitely need to submit your appeal as soon as possible, with a new IMO if at all possible, good luck to you
  5. DIC Granted!

    Page1006, congratulations again and it's terrific that you and your son have champva and chapter 35 benefits! I wish you and your family the very best, I'm not certain about the 10 point preference, I would recommend calling the 1-800-827-1000 number and asking, just not sure, again congratulations.
  6. 100% schedular p&t

    Absolutely armorer and congratulations on your 100% rating as well
  7. 100% schedular p&t

    RAN, when you are found to be p&t it will say no future examinations scheduled, the award letter will also say dependents eligible for education benefits from date xxxx. Also, when you log onto ebenefits and go to manage, then click on documents and records, then select VA letters, and click on benefit verification it will also tell you if you are considered p&t. Yes, there is a specific form you need to submit for IU, I called the 1-800-827-1000 number and asked for the IU package to be mailed to me to complete. Make sure if your requesting IU that you also get the prior employers form completed as well, it should be included in the packet mailed to you. When my prior employer told me they were not allowed to complete the form, I filled it out myself as accurately as possible, and I also included my last pay stub showing all of the sick hours I had used, as well I submitted a statement in support of claim explaining that I had to complete the form myself, and I made sure to state"Under penalty of perjury I declare all information to be true and accurate to the best of my knowledge." It also helps tremendously if you are found to be unemployable by Vocational Rehab, as well I had statements from my VA doctors stating that I am totally disabled. Good luck to you.
  8. 100% schedular p&t

    ArNG11 and Vync, thank you both! Being slow minded I forgot to list you in my thanks post but both of you have helped tremendously and I really appreciate it.
  9. 100% schedular p&t

    Thank you Hamslice!!
  10. Success IBS

  11. ShuMan, Broncovet brought up a great point. I would send in an Iris Inquiry first. The way to see if your NOD is overdue is by calling the 1-800 number and checking the status, they will give you the estimated completion time for nods, for example, my RO has an estimated completion of 291 days. The main reason I emailed the Secretary is, my NOD was at 450 days and every time I spoke to anyone, both at my RO and the 800 number, I was getting completely different information. Some said a decision had already been made, some said it was still awaiting review, etc. So when I sent the email, I explained that I was receiving completely conflicting updates every time I called, that I would like an accurate update of the real status. I also attached a copy of my letter from Voc Rehab stating that I'm permanently and totally disabled and unemployable due to my SC disabilities. Each RO has a different estimate on completion of Notice of Disagreements, but if your NOD is way past the estimated completion time and they haven't even started it, then that needs to be corrected. I would send the Iris Inquiry, ask for a phone call rather than email because when I request a phone response it's generally much faster. I had sent several inquiries before I sent my email. The people at the 800 number were actually suggesting I drive down to my RO, which just wasnt feasible due to my health, but as I said, a couple of weeks after the email I got a call from my RO to let me know a decision had been made, and a few weeks after that received my BBE with retro hitting the next day. I did try calling my RO, the 800 number, etc, as well as submitting the inquiries because I was erroneously told that a decision had been made on my NOD BEFORE they received my Voc Rehab letter stating I am unemployable. Turned out that wasn't the case, but better safe than sorry. As Bronco said though, it's better not to alienate the employees, at least send an inquiry and go from there, and I wish you the very best
  12. ShuMan, I had a NOD at about 15 months, and I emailed the secretary and received my increased rating decision less than six weeks later. The only reason I sent the email is because my NOD was still awaiting review, at 15 months. I had also been told by Voc Rehab that I am permanently and totally disabled and unemployable due to my SC disabilities, and my counselor provided me a letter stating that. I submitted the letter, VA already had all other evidence, waited a couple of months, at the 15 month mark I sent the email asking to expedite the overdue nod. I had my decision, 100% p&t, about six weeks later. I also received a phone call from my RO about two weeks after sending the email to let me know a decision had been made. If your nod is past due, send the email, and best of luck to you.
  13. The VA Secretary's email address is David.Shulkin@va.gov. I emailed him myself recently and my NOD was completed five weeks later. I agree with Buck, email him asap and you will receive some movement on your NOD, over 700 days is way too long. Good luck to you.
  14. Mark, from what I've heard the Attig Law Firm is excellent. I'm sorry to hear that you still haven't received your well deserved rating increase and I wish you the best.
  15. Thank you, L, they awarded me 100% schedular for the lupus, and inferred housebound since my other disabilities add up to 60%, which is a tremendous help, especially with the p&t. My older children really needed the college assistance, and I'm so grateful they now qualify for chapter 35 benefits. My daughter has already submitted her application for her benefits.