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  1. Hi, Buck, just wanted to let you know i'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been very sick, but i'm getting better and going to be able to start posting again. I hope that you and your family are doing good, just wanted to see how you've been doing.

    1. Buck52


      Thanks flores97

      I am sorry to hear you was sick  That sucks...glad your feeling better...I had notice you were not on posting and figured you were feeling bad or on your way getting IMO or something  but I believe Dr Ellis has you all fixed up...try not to think to much about your decision   I can only imagine its going to be very favorable for you  Dr Ellis wrote you a good nexus  and it will be hard for them to deny that.

      Anyway glad your feeling better and thank  you for the heads up


  2. Hi, Buck, I hope you and your family are doing well! I wanted to give you an update on my chest pain and ask a question. I had an EKG done at VA today, it showed palpitations and two inverted lines on the readout(lines going down, under the straight line, instead of up). They are going to issue a holter monitor for me to wear for 48hrs. I just wondered if you are familiar with those monitors, pcp was very busy and couldnt go into detail. Thanks so much for all of your help, and God Bless you and your family!

  3. Hi, Buck, just wanted to let you know my appt with PCP went well, she put me on bp meds as well as aspirin, and is ordering alot of tests to be done. I reminded her she was supposed to irder an abdominal ultrasound over a month ago, she seemed upset that they hadn't contacted me to have that done yet, overall, everything went well. Just wanted to update you! Thanks Buck and have a great week, hope your family is doing well!

    1. Buck52


      That's good News flores97  maybe your PCP. will do a follow up on that abdominal ultra-sound soon & get you into more test to find out what and why is causing you a lot of problems

      I hope your Oklahoma Trip goes smooth for ya and you get a favorable exam, most of all I hope you start feeling better and not having to endure that pain.


  4. ArNG11, I meant to tell you-they also have a website, Michael will probably ask you to go to the site and fill out the new client questionnaire if your interested in an IMO/IME. I hope this helps, and Best of Luck on your claims!!

  5. hBuck, just wanted to say thanks again for the great advice! I ended up going to VA urgent care last night, I DID have a uti as well as a staph infection? Not sure how I got the staph, as my house is very clean and i hardly go anywhere, so theres no telling how long I had that, they gave me antibiotics through an IV and I'm feeling much, much better! 

    1. Buck52


      That's great flores97  I'm glad you went back to the Doc  give it a few days and hopefully things will clear up...as for as the staph infections  you probably got the Germs from the VA Hospital  -Restrooms door knobs  ect,,ect,,I always use a paper towel or something to open it, I am very cautious at my VAMC.

      but you could have very well caught the infection anywhere grocery store baskets ect,,ect,,

      Main thing is get to feeling better before your Oklahoma Trip.

      I'm glad your feeling better.....  Now for me gotta get off here and head to my VAMC MH Therapist. eh!


    2. flores97


      Thanks Buck, take care and your the best!

  6. Buck, that is outstanding news!!! Congratulations, I feel as though you and a few other members here on had it are my family members, I couldn't be happier for you. Its well deserved and earned, Buck!! Thank you so much for updating me, I was thinking about your claim yesterday. I don't know how much I actually helped, but you and the other members have taught me a lot and I am certain I wouldn't be rated without ya'lls help. I hope to continue talking to you on had it and if you ever need help of any kind, Buck, you can pm me or call, my given name is Chenoa(pronounced shanoah), and my number is 910-978-1294. My email is floreschenoa@yahoo.com. I will help as much as i can!! Again, a big CONGRATS!!! Go, Buck!!

    1. Buck52


      Thank You flores97

       & Right back at cha,I appreciate ya...

      I'll stay on Hadit  it's basically my Hobby or Therapy...keeps me out of trouble and I learn a lot from other members, I don't think we veterans can ever learn it all  but we can learn enough  to not let the VA walk all over us:smile:

         Thanks Again


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