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  1. Thank you Vync, I'll be posting as much as I can, I hope everything is going good for you as well!
  2. 11cvolley, if ebenefits is showing that they have determined the lawyer fee then yes, it is likely you'll receive your backpay before December, I would think in the next couple of weeks. Most often when I've received the lawyer fee notification I have received my retro within 2 to 3 weeks after the letter, often before I receive the BBE (big brown envelope with complete rating decision). Good luck to you as well
  3. TaborsDad, I agree with Ms Berta, I would call the WH Hotline and let them know what happened to have a record of it. I know that you also called the VA to have it noted on your claim but it doesn't hurt to have a backup plan. If you don't want to call the Hotline at the very least I would contact your local congressperson and tell them what happened. They will have you fill out a privacy form, and they WILL follow up on it. That should help keep QTC honest, by any chance do you remember the name of the manager from QTC that called you, or have her phone number? Make sure to include that when
  4. Dabimmerman, that c&p exam looks extremely promising. I don't want to overstate the rating % but if you look up the rating criteria for MDD (or any VA mental health rating), the statement the examiner selected " occupational and social impairment with deficiencies in most areas such as work, school, family relations, ....etc", that is an 70% rating. It's possible that it could be higher, but if would say definitely 70% at the minimum.
  5. Thanks Buck52 and Orthopa02! This past year and a half has not been fun, but I'm still here and ready to move forward with my life. Buck, you're absolutely right, getting the p&t was a huge stress reliever because it sure helped my kids with their college educations through the chapter 35 program, and possibly kept my hair from turning grey at the thought of having 3 kids in college at one time, lol.
  6. It's been a year and some change since the last time I posted and I thought about this site almost every day. I'm still 100% p%t smc s, and not sure if I posted it but I was awarded SSDI about 5 months after the VA grant for 100% p&t. My health has fluctuated and been the major issue and reason I haven't posted in so long but it's stabilized hopefully so I intend to post as much as possible. Bronco and Buck, I especially missed you guys and I hope everyone and their families are doing well.
  7. Congratulations pwrslm!!
  8. I agree with Hamslice, when I completed the form for my daughter, she was still in HS as well and I did give the name of her high school, as well I submitted I believe the fall schedule for the college she was starting once completing hs and her beginning/ending term dates for both hs and college. You could also include a statement explaining that she is graduating her hs this year and will be enrolling in college after graduating high school. Like Hamslice said, you want to submit the form ASAP.
  9. Vlobo, I believe that the statement showing on your ebenefits might just be a standard response, as I was recently awarded 100%p&t on a NOD I submitted. I had the exact same statement show up and was very concerned because I felt the decision was fair and went back far enough on EED. When I called the 1-800 number I was told that although Ebennies said they received a form 9, they had not and I had 60 days to submit one if I wanted. So you definitely need to submit your appeal as soon as possible, with a new IMO if at all possible, good luck to you
  10. Gastone, I believe I know the company in Arizona you mentioned. They are a husband/wife team, called Valor Compensation Consulting. The wife is a prior c&p examiner. She did an IMO for me, and I think she did a great job. They are based out of Arizona. I posted a copy of it in the IMO forum. Never heard of the other company, out of Florida.
  11. 55BCooper, hello and I apologize, but I never received your email. It's possible it may have gone to bulk mail, I'll look through my emails and see if I can find it. I did have some success with Dr Ellis, he did an outstanding IMO for me and, along with another IMO I had for fibromyalgia, gerd and ibs took me from 80 to 90%sc on the FDC I filed. I wish you the best on your FDC, and you can email me again whenever you want, I was pretty sick for the past few months so wasnt checking messages as often as usual
  12. Hi, Buck, just wanted to let you know i'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been very sick, but i'm getting better and going to be able to start posting again. I hope that you and your family are doing good, just wanted to see how you've been doing.

    1. Buck52


      Thanks flores97

      I am sorry to hear you was sick  That sucks...glad your feeling better...I had notice you were not on posting and figured you were feeling bad or on your way getting IMO or something  but I believe Dr Ellis has you all fixed up...try not to think to much about your decision   I can only imagine its going to be very favorable for you  Dr Ellis wrote you a good nexus  and it will be hard for them to deny that.

      Anyway glad your feeling better and thank  you for the heads up


  13. Navy4life, I thought I had posted congratulations on your PTSD increase(if i had a brain, id be dangerous), but that apparently was in my head so.. Congratulations, i am so glad the rater did the right thing and considered the "whole picture", you deserve it and have a great rest of the weekend!
  14. Coreyspr89, i agree completely in regards to trying to obtain a specialist to do the IMO. Unfortunately, it is often out of a veterans reach financially to afford an IMO from a specialist, and quite often they are reluctant to do imos. In my case, I can no longer travel long distances, the last two time I tried I ended up hospitalized, and there are many other veterans in the same boat. In that case, the only option is to send our recs off to a doctor who is willing to thoroughly review them and write his statement. Dr Ellis is very respected, because he is honest and ethical. Just because we
  15. Travis, I will ask my attorney at Piemonte Law if she would be willing to provide me a copy of one of their opinions, redacted. They contract Dr Clifford often and she speaks very highly of him. I will also ask one of my friends that have used him before, the other vet that I know used him moved to Utah. Its possible if you call and speak to him he can email you some examples as well.
  16. Rootbeer22, he charges 600 total for the employability assessment. You would need to send him your past twelve months of treatment recs for sc disabilities, (the two that you believe preclude you from gaining employment), any dbq's and positive c&p exams, and copies of award letters. He thoroughly reviews your recs and writes up his report.
  17. Also no need to travel, he goes off of records.
  18. Rootbeer 22, I am not certain on his specialty, but he is superb at getting vets tdiu based off of their already SC disabilities, I would call him asap, I've heard great things about him from my attorney as well.
  19. RUREADY, I agree, Dr Clifford is outstanding. I know two other vets that received their tdiu very quickly after his report, within months. I believe he is located in landrum, SC, but you can mail your recs to him, you don't have to travel.
  20. Almost forgot, Dr Clifford's contact # is 864-457-2136
  21. WHERE ARE THEY: Landrum, SC NAME: CLIFFORD VOCATIONAL SERVICES SPECIALTY: Employability Assessments and IMOs COST:600 CONTACT: Cliffordvocationalservices.com I have heard outstanding things about Dr Pat Clifford and especially his Employment Assessibility reports. Essentially, he takes your sc disabilities and records and writes a thorough report on whether you are employable or non employable, as well as permanently disabled, etc. This comes in extremely useful in obtaining TDIU. He is very vet friendly, and i know of two other vets that used his reports and were appr
  22. Oops, didn't mean to hit quote. Ms Berta and Buck, thank you both for the links, I will be taking him to see his VR counselor (if I can walk tomorrow, pretty swollen from lupus at the moment), and either me or my mother will discuss options with her. It looks like VR incidents would definitely be covered under 1151, I believe he has a good chance due to the fact he only had the gun for his VR classes and was essentially using it to practice his gunsmithing on.
  23. Ms Berta and Buck, thank you both for your help and encouragement. My dad is extremely anxious and afraid of losing his Voc Rehab benefits due to the incident. Ms Berta, he takes the online gunsmithing courses, approved by VR, through AGI, I know he was using his 45 during his courses to practice on, he had taken it apart and reassembled the weapon prior to this happening. He said he was taking the weapon out of his hip holster, his fingers were nowhere near the trigger, and the weapon simply discharged. Im not certain if he did something wrong when he reassembled the weapon. Buck, when the bu
  24. This is a complicated question, thanks in advance for any advice. My father, who is also a disabled veteran, was approved to take gunsmithing course with AGI through VOC Rehab. My dad was carries a 45 SIG that he uses for his gunsmithing classes. Well, several days ago his 45 discharged and my father was hit in the leg, the bullet traveled down his leg and exited through the bottom of his right foot, severely damaging muscles and bones both in leg and foot. My question is, does anyone think its possible for him to qualify for temp 100% due to the fact that he has the weapon for gunsmithing cou
  25. Hi, Buck, I hope you and your family are doing well! I wanted to give you an update on my chest pain and ask a question. I had an EKG done at VA today, it showed palpitations and two inverted lines on the readout(lines going down, under the straight line, instead of up). They are going to issue a holter monitor for me to wear for 48hrs. I just wondered if you are familiar with those monitors, pcp was very busy and couldnt go into detail. Thanks so much for all of your help, and God Bless you and your family!

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