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  1. After fighting with the VA over a messed up C&P doctors report and rating decision the MOPH took my appeals case over about 6 months ago. They called yesterday and said the rating board agreed that my rating was assigned in error and I am due retro pay. They also are scheduling another C&P for an additional claim that has been on the back burner for sone time. MOPH is the greatest. They have kept me informed from the moment they took over. I get almost weekly updates. I have heard other vets in our area rave about them also. Im a believer now.
  2. I had a MH exam and they say my depression is severe and secondary to back condition. I have filed a claim for depression in addition to my current claims. How is the rating done on this?
  3. The neurosurgeons said it is the bulging disks and sciatica that is causing the problem. I have another appt with neurosurgery on friday 3/30/07. They want to schedule surgery. I cannot afford to have the surgery. I only receive 40% and if I am out of work I do not know how I can pay the bills. My VSO at the MOPH said I can apply for 100% if the Dr put me out for surgery. What if they deny me? Im really stressing about this. I do not know what to do. I dont have surgery I live with this pain. I do have surgery and I could loose everything.
  4. The surgery was performed at McClellan Va Little Rock and my primary care doctor told me to file a claim for drop foot last year and still waiting that C&P exam. Pai in my hip and back and numbness in toes has been going on again since 6 months after surgery. This is the first MRI since surgery. I had C&P last Novemebr and they said 10% for sciatica. My PCP has complained that neurosurgery would not accept the referral. They finally said only with a new MRI. That was finally done 3/8/07 almost 2 years since she first requested referral. Now she sent me to M.H. and they said I have seve
  5. I do not have a scanner but, I can type the whole report for you later this evening. I have to go watch my son mow the lawn right now.
  6. I am currently receiving 10% for my back since surgery in 2004 decreased my claim from 40% to 10 % for my back. I told them it was not any better and they finally did MRI 3/8/07. I have received and increase for my rt knee swelling and weakness from 10% to 30%. Radiology Report reads as follows: L5/S1 disc dessication and bulge causing bilateral neural foraminal narrowing. There appears to be postoperative changes at this leevl. Primary diagnosis Code: ABNORMALITY What does this mean?
  7. I have a current claim with VA for back and knee injury. I had received 50% from discharge till Dec 2004. Then had surgery on my back and received 100% till July 2006. Now I receive 10% back and 30% knee. My Psyc. Dr. recommended opening a claim for depression. I was referred for eval by my primary and the psyc Dr says I am depressed. My primary keeps complaining that I am working because my back is still giving me bad pain everyday. I try to manage the pain with aleve and flexiril. It helps but not alot. The pain meds, oxycodone and codiene make me really sick at my stomach so I do not take t
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