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  1. 66 yr old Vietnam vet. 20 months incountry. Recently diagnosed prostate cancer. TDIU &P&T rated 100% over 11 years. Why file for service connection for prostate cancer when I've already been drawing 80%, 100% TDIU for other conditions? Also, if I do file requesting s/c for prostate---will they (VA) mess with my existing rating? Does it even make sense to file?
  2. vmo

    Roll Call

    I am here. Come back periodically to re-educate myself. Currently looking @ the SAH/SHA grants for housing. Just don't want to go through the vicious exam cycle all over again.
  3. VMO back on board---------------been away awhile
  4. vmo

    Feb 2012 Roll Call

    YO !! VMO still aboard
  5. vmo

    January 2012

    some where here in a light snow----i am slip sliding into 2012. VMO in the S-N-O-W
  6. Federal student loan- forgiveness of debt: Does this only apply to the vet's student loan or are dependents student loans---also forgiven?? I am 100% P/T with no student loan, but oldest daughter does have.
  7. War time service requirement is correct and is the first requirement that must be met.. At least one day of war time service--90 days or more continous active duty other than for training purposes. Also, income from all sources count against it. Such as Social Security (gross), private pensions (gross), interest income, wages, ----and spouses income. Some war time vets initially do not qualify because their income is too high, but later "do" qualify when admitted as nursing home patients. In my county (OHIO) the local Medicaid Office (not Medicare) does an automatic referral to the local Veterans Office to determine VA Pension eligibility. This is because the VA considers the high unreimbursed cost of the nursing home patient care (medical expenses). In addition, some Vets/widows qualify if admitted to "assisted living" facility. In closing, don't forget that widows of wartime vets may have eligibility under this same VA Pension Law. However, all this is moot unless the vet or widow meets the wartime eligibility requirement. Just some basics, hope it helps.
  8. vmo

    July 2011 Roll Call

    VMO still aboard. Hope all are well. Son is home for summer from college---was bored. I said, "get a job for a few days per week". He did. He got a job washing dishes, 3-days per week in a local bakery/restaurant. Now he is bored and------wet.
  9. vmo

    June 2011 Roll Call

    VMO here and packing the bags. Headed to beach at Topsail Island, NC next week on a mercy mission. Going there to help the island rid itself of the surplus supply of COORS Light. I will be there until I hear the "snap" of the last can---then after a week, I return to Ohio for 51 weeks of R & R.--- Life..........goes on.
  10. Bases loaded, bottom of the 9th, "Hadit" is up to bat,---smash!! Another grand slam home run. Hadit, you guys/girls did it again.
  11. Here and enjoying the fruits of hard labor. Recent award of 100% tdiu is truly a blessing. *I pray all of you with pending claims receive a positive outcome. Hopefully, your award letter was in yesterday's mail.
  12. vmo

    Good Friday

    Direct deposit came Tuesday, 6-figure retro VA Comp. Filing retro Chapter 35 for my 3 kids which will probably cause me overpayment in VA Comp---as VA paid me for them as dependents. Both daughters have already graduated college and hopefully will get a huge retro Chapter 35 dependents education check--each. In addition, my son is still in college, he should get retro plus a continueing award. I feel so so fortunate. Obviously, this is making my retirement much more comfortable than I expected. **Again, I credit much of my success from what I've learned aboard Hadit. Again, thank you all for sharing your knowledge and experience.
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