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  1. Federal student loan- forgiveness of debt: Does this only apply to the vet's student loan or are dependents student loans---also forgiven?? I am 100% P/T with no student loan, but oldest daughter does have.
  2. War time service requirement is correct and is the first requirement that must be met.. At least one day of war time service--90 days or more continous active duty other than for training purposes. Also, income from all sources count against it. Such as Social Security (gross), private pensions (gross), interest income, wages, ----and spouses income. Some war time vets initially do not qualify because their income is too high, but later "do" qualify when admitted as nursing home patients. In my county (OHIO) the local Medicaid Office (not Medicare) does an automatic referral to the local Vete
  3. Bases loaded, bottom of the 9th, "Hadit" is up to bat,---smash!! Another grand slam home run. Hadit, you guys/girls did it again.
  4. vmo

    Good Friday

    Direct deposit came Tuesday, 6-figure retro VA Comp. Filing retro Chapter 35 for my 3 kids which will probably cause me overpayment in VA Comp---as VA paid me for them as dependents. Both daughters have already graduated college and hopefully will get a huge retro Chapter 35 dependents education check--each. In addition, my son is still in college, he should get retro plus a continueing award. I feel so so fortunate. Obviously, this is making my retirement much more comfortable than I expected. **Again, I credit much of my success from what I've learned aboard Hadit. Again, thank you all f
  5. Yup, you should be eligible. I was just granted TDIU this past Friday and today (Monday), I received letter and pamphlet about buying more (S-DVI)Service-Disabled Life Insurance (also referred to as "RH" insurance). You have 2-years from the date VA grants your new service connected disability. You can call the VA Insurance Center Philadelphia if you do not hear anything or quesstions at: 1-800-669-8477. See correction: ***My thanks to those who clarified what I posted above. I did receive new additional service connection which is what qualified me to apply for additional SDVI (RH) ins
  6. On April 1st, I received a call from the VA Physician who gave me my last comp exam. The exam was lost-missing from the VAMC computer. I did not fault the physician, but I was really upset with the VA computer system---another victim. ***Today, I checked my mail. Brown envelope from VARO. Letter inside notified me of s/c increase up to 80% and they granted TDIU 100% P & T-- a way back, I mean way back to 2005, when I last worked. Should be getting some 6-figure $$. Daughter is Podiatrist in her first year residency, other daughter is Registered Nurse, and my son is a junior at Univ
  7. "If" you are already 0% service connected for the knee, you have won the first battle with the VA (war). You need to establish as much as possible a continuity of treatment of the knee disability (especially if not already service connected). You referred to a "limp" which is an "altered gate" (the way you walk). The limp can cause you a host of other problems---such as problems with the other knee and/or back pain. Xrays, MRI, surgery records, and orthopedic opinions are crucial to your claim. Do not accept "no" from the VA, pursue your claim (aggressively). *Example: I started out in 1971
  8. NSLI: -National Service Life Insurance was established in 1940, (just prior War II). Was issued 1940 thru 1951, issued while on active duty. It could be continued after discharge/seperation and you paid continued premiums. S-DVI: Service Disabled Veterans Insurance, also referred to as "RH". Started in 1951 and continues thru today. It is only availabe to veterans with a service connected disability. *I believe you have 2-years from the date granted service connection to apply. You can later become eligible to apply (again) if/when later on you are granted service connection for additiona
  9. I appreciate the post of the recent BVA decision concerning PTSD,--informative and quite helpful. It is a clone (except for the hem's) of my recent PTSD/mood disorder claim. VARO is denying me SC for PTSD, even though awarded (Marine) CAR-Combat Action Ribbon. It appears they will grant service connection for Dysthymic Disorder(mood disorder) due to SC orthopedic ailments. I have not yet received the VA award letter as there are other issues pending. Realizing they can only compensate me for one, not both----I wonder if it makes any sence to pursue the PTSD??
  10. I am sc both knees for arthr. The VA raters will look for: (in addition to arthritis) excess fore and aft movement, lateral instability, cartilage tear, and restricted (limited) motion from pain , etc. *You can receive a seperate rating for each. Also, whether it is "tramatic arthritis"(injury) or "degenerative arthritis" (age,wear,tear,of life) usually will not make much difference. You do not need your military service records as you are already service connected. However, if they (VA) do not have records of surgery "after" military service---VA will need them. *A current written orthope
  11. flhtci: Welcome aboard. You are in the right LZ now----many helpful people here at Hadit (a lot of knowledge and experience). *I think it is very important that all Viet vets see a "urologist" at least once per year. Get PSA blood work and digital exam. This should be done in addition to your regular family (primary care) physician. I am sorry to hear you were not aware of the prostate cancer associated to Vietnam service back in 2007. **I have often thought the VARO's should send referral letters to "all" oncology centers across the United States----. Informing them of the Vietnam Agen
  12. File, file, and file as soon as possible for the lung cancer----forget about the cigarettes and "NO" time limit. What type skin condition and was he treated for it on active duty? Regardless, get the lung cancer claim filed-ASAP. **If you are not comfortable doing the application on your own, you may want to seek out a County or State Veterans service officer. Or possibly some one thru the DAV, VFW, Legion, AMVET. **What state are you from and where is the nearest VA Regional Office to you??
  13. VA will waive premiums if you become totally disabled from any condition before your 65th birthday and remain totally disabled for 6 or more consecutive months. The percentage of your disability does not determine if the VA will approve your application. You do not have to be P & T. You do have to notify the VA if you return to work. You are entitled to waiver of premiums as long as you remain totally disabled for insurance purposes.
  14. This might help: I live 80 miles from the VAMC that has done most of my C&P exams. I live 17 miles from the local VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic. **I just drive to the local VA Clinic cause it is so much closer, which has access to all of my C&P exams done 80 miles away at the VAMC. I sign a release, they download them and give me copies. Saves a lot of driving.
  15. JohnO. Did you ever have a spinal tap or a nerve biopsy??
  16. Pete is correct. My first letter from the VARO when I requested TDIU....."Please note that a claim for individual unemployability is taken as an increase in all of your service connected disabilities."
  17. One of my serv connected disability's is my spine. The VA denied me by ruling my spine condition as "congenital" In addition(fortunately) I have two major medical insurance plans, plus the VAMC. VA neurologist ruled "congenital". The orthopedic spine surgeon, three neurologists (all non VA) ruled the spinal condition as "not" congenital. BVA granted me service connection. **Study/research your spinal condition. If possible- try to obtain opinions from private neurologists/orthopedic physicians specializing in problems of the spine--as I prior mentioned, they usually want a current MRI. Ot
  18. The VA loves to label a spine diagnosis as "congenital". Which means you had it at birth or a very young age. Therefore, they (VA) deny you service connection. However, if you were treated for the spine condition while on active duty---you can still have a chance of being granted service connection--due to aggravation---even if it is congenital. *I strongly suggest a private MRI of the spine provided you have insurance. Also, I do not see in the exam you posted, that any findings/impressions mention any thing about an injury(?)
  19. The past 40 years, I've used the DAV,Legion, and AMVETs. Not much help or folow-up from any one of the three. Again, as I have mentioned to many, it is not which organization helps/represents you with your claim, it is the "individual" they employ. The last advice they gave me was to be happy when my sc was increased from 10 to 20%. I quit listening to them and started reading Hadit. Dang, I've gone from 20 to 70%----currently pending TDIU with a pretty strong claim.
  20. hedgey: Please refer to same site again. Go to the M21-1MR, PartIV, Section F---see Item 28c. on page 18. (This is the VA Adjudication's Manual.) **Concerning TDIU(IU), I believe they no longer send the 4140 at age 69, or totally disabled due to unemployability 20 yrs continous, or are now 100% schedular. #Hope this helps.
  21. The same. TDIU/IU are used for the same meaning. See Jim Strickland's new site at: vawatchdogtoday.org It contains a nice explanation concerning the above.
  22. The EMG results are pretty strong evidence the VA uses to verify the extent of numbness-tingling-burning of the lower and/or upper extremity's. The EMG did take almost two hours (they examine muscles and nerves) and was uncomfortable/some minor needle stick pain invloved. I had the lower extremity done recently and went from 10 to 40%----Because of left leg radiculopathy. The lower extremity EMG I had recently was done by the VA C& P. I am soon due to have a private hospital EMG of the upper extremity at civilian hospital.**I woould recommend the EMG especially if you are already servic
  23. I was not aware the Marine Corps Association could assist with books. Thanks for the one up.
  24. Don't forget---as a fulltime or part time student, VocRehab will be paying your tuition/books. In addition, you will receive a monthly subsistance allowance (plus additional $ for dependents) from the VA---and--you still draw your 40% VA Comp. Not a bad deal. Sure, having a family and going to school is not easy. Many aboard Hadit have done this. Still could involve you/spouse working some--part/fulltime, just depends on your financial status. Good luck!!
  25. I am SC for both knees. Left knee (primary) diagnostic code is 5257. Right knee was service connected many years later as secondary with a diagnostic code of 5003, which I believe pertains to aggravation of arthritis.
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