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  1. It's been awhile since I'be been on this site and I just saw your post where you received 100% and wanted to say congratulations. I too am 100% for MST and was also in the Navy. I know it's been a little while since you got the 100% and wanted to see how you were doing with it. What I mean is that it's good that we got 100% cuz we deserve it because of our symptoms and what had happened. But it is hard for me to say that I am a disabled vet because 1. I feel bad for all those who didn't get processed and win claims so I guess I have some sort of "winner guilt" which it isn't about being a winner, but rather winning in the VA system. and 2. When I tell people that I was in the NAVY they don't see how as a female I could be 100% disabled. Do you have these thoughts? Or is it just me? Never knew someone else that got 100% so I am asking you, because your the first person I've been able to talk about it to. Anyhow, congratulations again and sorry if I am asking to personal of questions...

  2. Oh noooooo! I am so sorry. Did you ever have any friends or family write statements (I saw in a post from August you mentioned that).
  3. Bummer to hear you are still playing the waiting game. I'm still in the gathering of evidence stage and have been stuck here since Feb2015, so I imagine it will be a while before I'm called for a C&P. I look forward to hearing updates on your claim and I wish you the best of luck in dealing with all of the nonsense. I know it can be so damn draining.
  4. Jay Dog, any updates on your situation? I hope you are doing ok. I am going through the MST/PTSD process as well. Although I am not at the C&P point yet, I can only imagine how many emotions were surging through you throughout the whole ordeal.
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