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  1. Anytime you submit a claim for hearing loss,VA will schedule you for a c&p,VA have there own scales, they use for ratings.
  2. Thanks Vync, I will keep everyone updated!
  3. I Got,all of my medical records and denial letters and military records.
  4. I had a c&p for ptsd.and,tbi to include headaches'. I was service connected 100% PT for ptsd,from 2003 , tbi to included headaches was deferred, they forgot, i forgot, Completely Ignore by va.
  5. File a claim for ptsd,and tbi to included headaches,May of 2003,did all of the C&Ps, I was service connected 100% for ptsd for ptsd march 2004,claim for tbi to included headaches,was deferred 2004. I received a letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs,January 2015 for four C&Ps for tbi to included headaches,no psy C&P. I was service connected 40% for tbi to included headaches and 10% for tinnitus,total 50% and no extra pay,because i am already service 100% for ptsd.The effected date for award is January 2015 for tbi to included headaches,no psy C&P. My Question is ,do i have grounds for a cue,on early effected date of 20003 mobie16r !00% ptsd 40% tbi 10% tinnitus
  6. I submitted a claim for head injury march 2003,that was deferred. In July 2014 i submitted a claim for clear and unmistakeable error for ptsd and the claim for head injury i submitted in 2003 that was deferred, was reopen 2015 and i was diagnose with Tbi and residue due to tbi headaches,tinnitus hearing,eyes and anxiety,my question is If i am service connected for tbi what will be the affected date of award July 2003 original date claim was filled of 2008. Have done all c&ps Thanks mobie
  7. If you thank your ptsd should be rated higher, ask for a reconsideration to the original date of claim,if you are unable to be gainful employed due to ptsd ,get your Physchiatrist to write you a statement,that you are unemployable due to ptsd now, and in the future,and submit it with your appeal,and keep your appointments ongoing with your physchiatrist. 3rd security police Bien Hoa Vietnam 1966,1968 100% PTSD 1968 tet survivor
  8. Raptorick ,what was your ptsd stressor? mobie16r 3rd Security Police Bien Hoa Vietnam 1966-67-68 100% PTSD
  9. You r right navy04 about berta,i been here since 2005,i all ready know . thanks again Berta mobie16r
  10. Berta, I found a CUE,at the bva site ,where claim was granted, almost identical to mine,we was at the same place in Viet nam,but different times. when i filed my claim in march of 2000,the RO fell to apply 38cfr 3.156 © together with cfr 20.1403(a) 38 cfr3.310 (B), duty to assist act of 2000, 38 usca 4.6 1004548.txt
  11. Discharge from the army October 1984 File claim October 1984 6, days before discharge Had surgery L knee July 1985 less than one year after service,was given a brace to wear.,still wearing brace today. had surgery Lknee 1987 ongoing treatments He hurt his left knee in basic training,July of 1976,records lost On his military physical Report form 93. He checked that he used a brace,didn't say which knee. Had treatments for pain down left leg 8/10 /1977( limp when walk) Treatments for for pain Lknee 9/07/1977 less than month Hit jis left knee working with chisel 10/4/1977 had follow the next day 10/5/1977 tender over Left Tibial plateau swelling 1977 treatments for lelt knee,had pop.pain down left leg,limps when walk. 03/21/1980 april 1980 ,treatments on left knee, hit on door June 1980 motorcycle accident, hurt left leg 2 more treatments in 1981.
  12. CITATION NUMBER 9224425.and ] DOCKET NUMBER 91-18 663 Berta i try to scan it, couldn't get my computer to work right, good i didn't because i found his1992 BVA Claim and citation number on the DVA web site by using his docket number,and there are more information. Thank u Berta,if we can win this award for this veteran,i am going make sure,he give DONATE some $$$$$ to HADIT! 9224425.txt
  13. Hello Berta, I need some advice on CUE,that i am helping a veteran with. This veteran served in the army from July of 1974 to October 1984.He filed a claim when discharge oct 1984,for left knee and back. Claim was denied,July 1986,appealed,denied again in Sept 1987. THE REASON:The rater's statement; i have throughly went through the veteran military Medical Records,he hurt his Lknee and back,during basic training july 1976,records show,that he had a little tenderness in Lknee,and a ace bandage was used,he hurt his L knee working with chisel October 1977,treaments show,contusion,tenderness,no follow ups and also he had a motorcycle in June 1980,and hurt his leg,but none specific,.I throughly went through this veteran MMR and he have a extensive amount of other disabitilies that show treatments,but ENTIRELY NEGATIVE of any other diagnosis or treatments for a chronic L knee disability nothing said about his back. (claim denied) Claim denied at the Board of Veterans appeals October 1992, military medical records before the Ajudicator. Failure to applied propertly 38 CFR 3.1 (m). I throughly went through the veteran MMR and like the rater said,he have a extensive amount treatments and he right,the 8+ years he serve in the army,he definite, went to to the doctor. I founded in the veteran MMR, from 1976 to 1984 at least seven times where he had treatments for his L knee ,ten times treatments for back,and 8 times for low leftside and during one treatment in march of 1978,recorded in mmr that he had a limp. His MMR was before the rater at time or Decision at the regional office in 1986,and BVA decision 1992.all of his MMR is dated October 1984. APPEAl is final Do it look like a CUE? Anyone can response,but i kno from the time i been member at Hadit, since 2004 BERTA is the expert.
  14. where to find dro appeals on ebenefits
  15. where to look for "DRO" apeal claim on ebenefits?
  16. If you are being treating at the vamc,go by the release of information office, where you are being treated at and get your medical notes.
  17. Once claim reach notification phase,you should be getting a letter from VA in a few days,they just making sure everything is correct,don't no when it will show up on ebenefits ,but keep checking
  18. Not necessary,if the veteran is order another C&P exam,his/her condition could have worsen and get a increase in rating. mobie
  19. I understand what you are saying Papa,the VA is a different animal,there only concern is with the veteran,and sometime it don't seen like it,just trying to help you get what you deserve,and when you do ,your wife can still handle your business. mobie
  20. Papa, it will be somewhat of a PTSD type exam,you will be ask question about how you handle your business.On your last C&P exam,you was not founded to be incompetent,but the examiner stated that he/she was not sure, whether of not you could handle your funds.If i was you.just in case,i would take along my utilities bills,mortgage papers,bank statements.with your name on them showing that you handle your own business. I hope this helps and good luck. mobie
  21. Like i said on your other post,my guess is,you probabaly will be getting a competency exam,to see whether or not you can handle your own funds mobie
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