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  1. Yeah, the thing is though that I just two days before got an anxiety rating. So why would they schedule an appointment for that directly after they rated it.
  2. Just two days ago I found out I got a rating for anxiety and just today I got a call from an independent medical center (contracted from the va) to show up next week for a c/p exam for my anxiety. My question is why would they give me a rating if they didn't think they had sufficient evidence? Or do you think they are just trying to find a reason to lower or cancel my rating for anxiety? I filed two months after my discharge date, and this is the first rating I received.
  3. Haha I can imagine, I'm just curious if they are trying to be sneaky now. I don't see what reason they would have to schedule a c/p after they've already rated me for that condition.
  4. Thanks everyone! I got a call today from a medical center saying that they scheduled me for a c/p appointment but it was for a condition that they have already rated... So now I'm wondering what's up with that haha
  5. Well I didn't have a disability rating before. This is my first claim and its within my year after discharge, I just wasn't sure whether they would pay retro if they deferred two other conditions on the same claim but awarded a rating for the first two...
  6. So after waiting an entire year, two of my four claimed disabilities went through, and they gave me a rating of 40%. The other two conditions went back to gathering of evidence, but I'm curious if I will get back-pay for the 40% as of now since I have already waited an entire year. Has anybody else gone through this or know anything about it? I've been reading very conflicting information.
  7. Got a 40% partial rating, two more disabilities from my claim are still in gathering evidence though. So does that mean I will receive back pay now? Or will they make me wait until they've gone through the entire claim?
  8. Thanks! Yeah, that may be the cause. Everything is pretty well documented though so hopefully I'll at least get a rating.
  9. I applied for disability (Anxiety, ankle, gastrointestinal issues) on January 16, 2015. Just last week the status changed to pending decision approval and I was wondering if there are any reasons that I wouldn't have been given a C/P exam? I went to the doctor three or four times for the anxiety when I was in the service, and they prescribed medication that I was taking everyday for it. I'm curious if that would have been sufficient documentation, or if they are just denying it altogether? I was just discharged in August, so the appointments in my Active Duty Medical Record are relatively recent.
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