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  1. Spouses benefits

    I don't know but he was going to the VA hospital for all kinds of x-rays and it was on record that he had seizures he went to the VA a couple of days before complaining of his feet being swollen and they gave him a inhaler he went to the hospital on December 20,2014 and had pneumonia the VA didn't see that but the hospital did and he died
  2. Spouses benefits

    My question is why the VA does not want to give spouses benefits after there husband passed because of Congress says that you make to much so now you get no VA benefits my husband pass on December 23,2014 and he was service connected ,of heart problems but he also had seizures, and it was all on record, but I get no benefits he was getting 1404 a month and I get 940 a month but I draw no veteran benefits at all can you please help me I have been turn down and told that I can't draw nothing from them because I get to much greving widow