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  1. Recom IME in Georgia?

    Thank you for your response and service, georgiapapa. I have used Dr. Bush back in 2010, the BVA did not give is IMO too much weight because he did not examine me, he only reviewed my service medical records. If I recall correctly the Judge gave seemed to lean more towards giving me the benefit of the doubt and listening to my story. However, I am not apposed to going back to Dr. Bush as long as I am examined this time around. I have been trying to reach Dr. Bash and willing to fly to see him, but I have not heard back from him. I have a few months left to appeal the BVA decision. I really need the right help and course of action dealing with the BVA decisions and getting the right rating increase. Its so sad this is such a long process, especially when SMR should injury. I've been persistent at this since 2003 and I'm not stopping until I am satisfied.
  2. Recom IME in Georgia?

    Hi, can anyone recommend a IME/IMO doctor in Georgia? My issues are chronic pain and arthritis. I need help for my appeal. I feel i have been low balled on my ratings and some secondary claims I submitted where ignored. I have a few months left to submit NOD.