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  2. I have been away for quite a while (couple of Years) mean while I have had a couple of operations that tended to knock me down a few notches. My appeal is at he court waiting on a ruling. My attorney filed my brief today so hope some kind of decision will come soon. I am hoping for a panel of judges to review my case and send it back to the board as a remand and set aside of their decision. Not real sure on my changes but my lawyer filed a very good brief on my part based mainly on my inability to follow their rules due to my PTSD and many disabilities already service connected for.
  3. Have not had the will power to come here after receiving my DENIAL on Jan. 16th. Long story short the BVA denied based on grounds that for my attempt for an EED I HAD TO FILE A CUE! They even went back and said I was notified of this in my denial of my NOD at the RO! I should have listened to Berta when she said give them what they want. I wasted time with having so called doubt in the favor of the vet recommended by others here and am now paying the price I guess. Anyhow going to be filing the CUE soon and a little confused on should I file to the RO or to the BVA?
  4. Sounds like that could be the deal, but not really sure. whatever get it in writing and then check your bank account! Stillhere
  5. Nothing there yet so either I was denied or they haven't had time to list it. I went from case processing straight with nothing saying notification sent or anything else. Stillhere
  6. Well had not been logging on to BVA for a few days because my appeal was stuck in the Administrative case processing mode since 12/4. I was very surprised when checking this morning and seeing appeal complete since the 1/13/2016. Now I am very nervous and waiting to see where it goes from here. From reading other posters it seem it could be just about any kind of Hodge podge of a direction! My rep is the AL might call them but probably nothing there yet, might have to wait until Monday for any news! If ebenefits is showing correct is there somewhere on the site to check and see
  7. In my opinion I see no reason for the BVA actually! Our claims should be handled by real courts and subject to regular laws that are general used in any malpractice type or injury court. The hocus pocus that the BVA is the only way to help vets is as much BS as the VA health care is the only health care that should/can treat veterans! Our country needs to stop treating veterans as a totally different society. We are as much if not more a part of our country as anyone and should be judged that way! Stillhere
  8. IF BVA is going by docket numbers for decisions then you have a wait coming up so get in line. We all hate this wait time and think (apparently wrong) that once our hearing is over and transcribed it should be close to done. But then we come on here at Hadit and find many other vets in the same basket and waiting! MY hearing was June 3 has been looked at and bounced back and forth between VLJ and case processing for the last several months! It will get done BUT only when the BVA says so!! Stillhell
  9. I guess I am living a blessed life! Every month I have to send me PCP a note asking to have my pain med refilled and usually because it has to be signed for it comes by UPS in like 2 /3 days. I also have a back up script for tramadol just in case they mess up. Pete I use myhealth evet to message my doctor and he is very good and getting back to me same day! Stillhere
  10. Well I would kind of question that? Do you have copies of the failed test in service and can post their numbers? Hearing loss does not get better, some where something is not kosher in Denmark! Stillhere
  11. Iris says = with VLJ Ebennies says= Administrative case processing since 12/4/2015 Phone call to BVA says= on last phase and will be decided when it is ready So basically ending this year just like years in the past, WHO KNOWS! Stillhere
  12. Your test does not show hearing loss. Tinnitus might be granted but that will only be at 10%. Wondering why you put in for hearing loss, when you don't have it? Stillhere
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