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  1. Thanks buddy and I have in fact filled appropriate paper work to get my dd214 changed to honorary or medical due to not being able to use 10 point preferences on federal or state government jobs.
  2. Thanks so much for all of the help and the claim I posted was my initial claim however I did appeal it and have the letter to prove it. Imagine how I felt perfectly healthy kid then to have a life changing news to be dropped in your lap with little to no concern. Also notice it states I was discharged for honorary but dd214 stated general, I believe in an attempt to deny any fault initially. I had first transplant in 2000 second may of 2015. I'm still followed up by va and private physician.
  3. I can not express how thankful I am for all of the much needed help with assisting me. Is it common for a veteran to have full medical and medication benefits without a compensation rating. If there is anything that may need to be uploaded just let me know. Berta you are so knowledgeable of kidney problems God bless you.
  4. Can anyone tell me if they have been either awarded disability compensation for nephrosclerosis or hypertension. I'm in need if help with a pending claim I have. Thanks in advance any help will be greatly appreciated. God bless
  5. Can anyone give me advice on my service connected claim? Thanks and God bless
  6. Berta as you requested or anyone else that may be able to assist please chime in and just know I greatly appreciate the welcome I've been given and helpful advice. FYI before departure into service I was a perfectly healthy kid NEVER had been to hospital on physicals and dentist. Note on 2nd page under adjudicate actions where it list I was classified under HONORABLE but dd214 reads general. God bless you all & thx for the service to not only other discouraged vets but myself also
  7. I'm leaving work shortly so will be able to upload. No I was discharged at 19 years old under less than honorable. I did receive ssi for a brief period however I was expecting my first child and marriage so the $650 a month was not enough. I personally called and reported that I was going to work and had to pay back all money I received. Did I mention I receive full medical through va and have had 2 transplants through private insurance just follow up at va. Do I upload the info you suggested to this site for you to review or American legion God bless you for all the help
  8. Thanks alot Pete and yes I was in fact cleared with a perfect bill of health. I am still perusing my service connected disability claim. It has been an emotional roller-coaster with the continued denial from va as my health deteriorated and bills pulled up without va financial assistance.
  9. My name is tj I enlisted in the military as a junior in high school. The military was always my career goal. I also got 2 of my buddies to join which boosted my rank to E2 I also had enough college credits to get ranked E3 before basics. I passed a health physical for high school football and august of 1999 I started basics in great lakes, IL. While in basics I was scheduled for a routine dentist appointment and I was found to have a very high bp around 190/120 and was asked if I had a history of high bp for which I never had. I was asked to immediately see the medic for which bp pills were pr
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