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  1. I just want to say thank you for all the help I received here. After fighting the VA for 7 years I was finally granted 100% percent P & T disability. It actually happened quite quick after finally firing my attorney and following the information that I found on this site. I have recommended it to several other veterans that have been on the hamster wheel as well as the VSO from my county. At the same time I was granted the P&P I was granted SMC1. God Bless each and everyone one of you. Keep up the fight. I am always available to help or answer questions if I can. Wes
  2. tdui reopen??

    Just an update, I have another TBI exam scheduled for the end of the month, this will be the 4th one in the last year, 3 by the same doctor. Its getting pretty frustrating
  3. tdui increase

    Hello everyone, Question if anyone can answer it. My attorney filed for tdui with increases back in January. At the time of filing he asked for increases in everyone of my disabilities. When I questioned why this was done, they decided to drop me. They even requested an increase for tinnitus which was already at 10%. I have now been notified that I am being scheduled for another TBI exam from the same doctor I had and exam with 90 days ago. It is like they didn't even see it. This claim had been at the preparation for decision stage 5 times and sent back to gathering evidence. Has anyone else experienced this situation? When I called the 800 number all I get is a walk around the block and no real answer. The last TBI exam I had done was very thorough and accurate, I took it to my VSO and he also had said it was one of the best he had ever seen. Someone please tell me I'm not the only one that has suffered this and if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thanks for looking.
  4. tdui reopen??

    Thanx for replying to my comment. My attorney sent faxed a letter to the va that stated information from previous employer is no longer available, he said it has been over 5 years so it won't be a big surprise for them. He said it is just another stall. Just like requesting more medical records from the hospital is. He also stated by them asking for more medical records they may grant me P & T, he said I shouldn't expect and more exams as I went through 4 of them in the last year.
  5. tdui reopen??

    This was just added to E-bennies under disabilities?? Anyone have a clue? Pending Disabilities Table of Pending Disabilities Disability Submitted Type Actions Tbi 01/17/2016 INC Individual Unemployability 01/17/2016 REP Epilepsy 01/17/2016 INC Anxiety And Depression 01/17/2016 INC Lumbar Spine Condition 01/17/2016 INC Tinnitus 01/17/2016 INC Migraines 01/17/2016 INC
  6. tdui reopen??

    Hello folks, Just an update, the VA has delayed my tdui claim for yet a 4th time. Again they are asking for more medical records and employment verification from January of 2011. Any idea why they would do that everything has been consistent with what was originally filed, I cant imagine any more C&P exams as the last ones I had were less than a year ago. Now they say end of October for answer?? Ask your last employer to complete and return the enclosed VA Form 21-4192, Request for Employment Information. I called and asked my last employer and they will not fill out the form. They are still angry I couldn’t work for them any more?? · Request 3 Due Date: 08/06/2016 Status: Needed From: Not Available <VA Medical Facility> Upload Documents Request 4 Due Date: 07/23/2016 Status: Needed From: RMG SYSTEMS Employer (21-4192) Any ideas??
  7. tdui reopen??

    Thanx Gary, They changed the status back to prep for decision again today, I feel like it is just a stall tactic, time saz anywhere from end of month to 7/18 prayers work here :)
  8. tdui reopen??

    I called Peggy and she informed me that it was turned down and reopened because I hadn't signed the form 21 8940 when I had submitted it. Rather than find a simple solution they rejected it and told me I need to start from the beginning on the claim. My fault for not signing the form but you would think they could have found a better remedy rather than starting from scratch. Love the VA
  9. tdui reopen??

    Thanks for responding Buck, what I am trying to figure out is why they would wait until the very last day to move it back to gathering of evidence and starting all over again. With another 6 month wait period. After 5 years you would think they have had enough fun.
  10. tdui reopen??

    Hey folks, Just a quick question that I am confused by. I was granted 90% in January. The VA initiated a TDUI claim on my behalf. The paper work was sent and returned by my attorney. A month ago the claim went to preparation for decision with an approximate due date of 5/05/16. Last week the completion date was changed to 4/25/16. I looked on Ebennies today and it saz the claim has been reopened and is in gathering of evidence again with an estimated completion date of between 7/25/16 to 10/11/16. I cant imagine them wanting to do ore C&P as most have been done over the past year and back dated as follows The following ratings decisions were made on 11/25/15 1. chronic adjustment disorder 70% effective May 31, 2011 2.Residuals of TBI 40% effective may 31,2011 Residuals - seizures 20% and migraines 0% was 30% The following were done at a much earlier time but with same effective date 4. degenerative joint disease 20% effective may 31,2011 5. tinnitus 10% effective may 31,2011 anyone have a clue?
  11. Ebenefit Error

    I have the same issue, has to be a system issue with E benny.

    its a dead sight...they figured out it gave up to much info

    Hello everyone I am still having a problem logging into ebennies mobile. When I try to login it tells me (system error please login again) If anyone has an answer to this please let me know. I also still have 1 claim out for 100 percent unemployability ( this was a claim that the VA themselves initiated ) that doesn't reflect on ebennies as well, when I call the 800 number all Peggy will tell me is to expect an answer by June. Any info you can provide to fix the error on the mobile site would be greatly appreciated. Thanx for any info you can provide.
  14. Should I STOP Bad Mouthing E-Benefits?

    WTG Gastone, Very happy for you
  15. I am getting the same thing, also I get system error when I try to loggin into the mobile site, been that way for couple weeks