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  1. PTSD Claim update

    Gonna head up to Travis afb today and get it done.
  2. PTSD Claim update

    I just pulled this from va form 21-8760: Honorably discharged veterans with 100 percent service-connected disability, and their dependents and unremarried surviving spouses, are entitled to unlimited exchange and commissary store privileges. Certification of total disability and DD Form 1172, Application for Uniformed Services Identification Card - DEERS Enrollment, will be provided by VA. You may contact the nearest VA regional office for assistance. It just says total not permanent. I also found a pdf that says the id will expire 60 days after my reevaluation exem. If anyone knows if this is correct or not please let me know.
  3. PTSD Claim update

    Well my claim was finished. 100% schedular for ptsd and 0% sc for migraines as a secondary to tbi. I have a reevaluation exam in 5 years. So does this mean I eligible for the DOD ID card? It was a long process and when I texted one of my brothers i was in fallujah with he told me congratulations and now it is time to try and get some normalcy back in my life.
  4. PTSD Claim update

    So checked Eben and it says ready for decision. Let's see what happens hopefully it doesnt stay at rfd for to long.
  5. PTSD Claim update

    Hey all still no decision made. Was told by a lady on the 1-800 number that the va can send it back two more times and could deny my claim for insufficient evidence?? I asked her what more evidence do they need when their C&P doc said I was P&T!! Gahh Oddly getting ssdi was easier than this....Stay safe Russ.
  6. PTSD Claim update

    Thank you for all of your replies. I uploaded my ssdi award letter to ebenefits tonight. I don't know what to do about the employer form.
  7. PTSD Claim update

    Here is a pdf of the C&P exam notes. Also I have been 70% since 2007 for ptsd. C&P.pdf
  8. So I spent some time at the national center at the menlo park va. I put in a claim for Para 29 IU and Ptsd increase. Well I had to go to a C&P exam Ill post the notes when my healthevet is back up but on the bottom it says IU is not warranted because my ptsd is permanetly and totally disabling. I was also awarded SSDI for ptsd and tbi. The so the va is requesting another 21-492 even though the original I submitted I stated the employer would not sign and they are asking for Social security records. Do I upload just the award letter or do I go to the SS office and get something more in depth? Thanks Russ.
  9. IU Claim

    It is an initial claim. I was rated at 70% again this oct 15. When I was originally rated in 07 the VA offered me IU but I did not take it. Right now the claim says under review. On it I also have an increase for my tbi will this possibly slow down the process. I have letter from psychologists and psychiatrists stating I cannot go back to work.
  10. IU Claim

    Whats up brothers I have a pending IU claim. I am currently 70% SC for PTSD 10% SC for Tinnitus and 0% SC for TBI. I am currently at the Mens Trauma Recovery Program at the Menlo Park VAMC. While here I was diagnosed with Gad Panic disorder and agraphobia. My question is how long do you think It will take for the VA to make a determination? i am supposed to gaduate from the program February 20th. Thanks Russ.
  11. In Patient Temp 100

    A notice of disagreement for tbi? Or for the whole thing? Thanks Russ
  12. In Patient Temp 100

    Here is an update. My claim was completed today. Ptsd stayed at 70%. Non service connected for gerd,ed,right knee, right shoulder injury. Tbi was rated at 0% SC stated most of tbi issues were related to PTSD. I am currenty in the mens trauma recovery program at menlo park. The staff stated that I will be here 90 days. Since I have been here I have had numerous anxiety and panic attacks. Now do I appeal these decisions or put in for a new claim? I will also be putting a claim in for IU. My vso submitted the paperwork for the temp 100% while I am here but the VA Attached it to my open claim? Have a safe halloween! RUss
  13. TBI C&P

    Contracted out. How do I receive a copy of them?
  14. In Patient Temp 100

    Im not concerned about gong back to work. I have done enough high speed jobs. I went from the infantry to wildland firefighting to policing. Do I need to file an additional calim for TDIU on ebenefits?