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  1. Let us start with some basics, i'm 70% PTSD and have filed a notice of disagreement. I have other disabilities but i don't care to discuss, nor are they relevant. i go to therapy session at the VA and i tell my therapist how im suicidal, depressed, seeing hallucinations, etc... i got paperwork from the VA that reads that I had stated to my therapist on such and such dates that i was okay, doing well, medications and treatments are doing well, even went to a gambling town. This couldnt be further from the truth. i'm pissed. for one, i didn't say anything like this. 2: i didn't go anywhere, nor is it anyone's business where i happen to go 3: it was used against me to justify why the VA is standing by their decision so, what can be done about it? i'm obviously cancelling any and all upcoming appointments with the therapist, but i feel like i was completely re-victimized by a VA therapist that i started to trust and have them twist and contort my words to further xxxx me over.