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  1. I was thinking if I qualified for smc benefits, due to the residuals from tbi. However, the va has a history of tying ptsd symptoms with tbi's recipients. I had a tbi exam, and it was the best tbi exam I ever had. My exam was a Dr looking into the computer reading my history, asked me to remember three words; I could not remember those words. He tells me to stand up and close my eyes with both arms spread apart, and that was my perfect exam. Telling you beautiful people the truth.
  2. I'm new to this site. I was medically discharged for post concussions syn grade 3. I am having serious issues dealing with memories issues, getting into trouble with law, can't concentrate, throwing up for no reason. I was put out of work due to my ptsd's issues. I filed for an inc, but was denied. My shrink stated that I was dangerous, unpredictable, a threat in the work force, and I will never be able to work again. This antipsychotic meds have me not believing in God anymore. I'm like a zombie all the time. I'm just lost right now.
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