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  1. Thank you much! You rock! I have been a member of this site just recently, and I am impressed with the emphasis that vets have dedicated to helping each other get the benefits we are due. I wish I had found this site back in 2000. I help other vets each and every chance that I get when I have knowledge of something that he/she is unaware is available to them. Thank you "J"!
  2. Has anyone been awarded Chronic Fatigue? I was told by one examiner that I could not have Chronic Fatigue in addition to Somatization Disorder. Any advice on getting this service connected would be appreciated.
  3. Okay the form is there now, sorry about that. AF FORM 356.pdf AF FORM 356.pdf
  4. Hi Berta. I also attached my AF FORM 356 for you to see. Thank you for your thoughts and advice on this.
  5. Berta, I forgot to mention that the severance pay was like $11,000 dollars that was given at once upon separation. And, should this be a CUE CLAIM or NOD? Which would you have done? Thank you again!
  6. Yes. I did receive the separation (severance pay) for it, but they recouped it back as soon as they started my disability with the V.A. They took basically my whole check the first couple of years with the V.A. until the severance pay was paid. I don't understand how they could have even ignored such a thing. It doesn't matter if I told them I believed or didn't believe that I had this issue at the time, because I was diagnosed by not just any doctor, but it takes a specialist to diagnose this, which is what they did while on active duty. Try committing a crime and follow thru with it, and then say that you don't believe you done and see what the outcome will be. How can they get away with this?
  7. Berta, I added the requested info. thanks.
  8. Sure Berta. I will have to go thru my things and get it. I do want to state that I never missed the C&P exam on the original claim back in 2000. I missed one that was scheduled in 2010 when I claimed it for like the third time. I didn't even know that they had the form 356 in my medical records until I reordered them and used them in the 2013 claim that I was awarded in 2015 for somatization do. They just simply denied my original claim back in 2000, which had the form in my records that they were to be looking over. I hope I was a little more clear in this explanation. Thanks to Berta and Broncovet for the reply.
  9. Hi Everyone. I was discharged from the Air Force in 2000 for a service connected Somatization DO with a 10% disability rating. I also had a 0% rating service connected for degenerative spine. I filed my claim with the V.a. in 2000 that included somatization along with my medical records. Well, the Va denied me. I didn't know anything about the system at the time. Somehow or another, they awarded me 10% for the migraines that I was having, but totally ignored or looked over my reason for discharge, which was somatization do. Later, they raised my migraines to 30%. I had filed a few claims, which were all denied, and everything was paper at that time. Well, they also took my medical records and never returned them at my initial evaluation. It wasn't until 2010, after being denied again, that I could now use Ebenefits and see the reasons I was being denied. They said that I also missed a scheduled exam in 2010. I believe that to be true. I then realized that I needed my medical records, which they had taken in 2000, and I had no idea where to get them again. Long story short, I filed another claim in 2013 that included somatization again, but during this time, I had also gotten my military medical records again and located my form 356 inside that clearly stated my service connected reasoning for discharge "somatization do" along with the percentage, and I put in a CUE at that time for the somatization. Well the V.A. kicked out the CUE claim for an earlier effective date, because I had an ongoing claim that included it. I was awarded my new claim that included somatization on 1/2015, but they dated it to reflect the beginning of that current claim for 2013. I have filed the Cue on 9/3/15 for somatization along with the form 356 which clearly states my service connected somatization and percentage that was located in my military medical records which they disregarded the first time in 2000. So, my question is: Do you think the V.A. will find a way to not retro me back to 2000, which the DAV helped me file for? This CUE claim is in the PREPARATION FOR DECISION phase as of now. Thanks! Decision_0002.pdf Decision_0003.pdf Decision_0001.pdf Decision_0004.pdf Decision_0005.pdf Decision_0006.pdf Decision_0007.pdf Decision_0008.pdf Decision.pdf