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  1. Hello my friends, As you all know I was rated 30% for MDD; 0% for migranes; and 0% for skin rash. I asked for increases in MDD, migranes, and skin rash. I also asked to re-open sinusitis/rhinitis and then asked for PTSD and MDD to be reopened because I was originally denied for this in 2014. Well the decision is final today on Ebenefits, and my AB8 states that I am now 70% and it looks like they will retro me back from Dec 2014. Here is the information below. I really appreciate the help from the members and I will continue to stick with Hadit because the fight is never over. I am on
  2. Hello everyone just signed in to Ebenefits to track my claim. I noticed that Ebenefits has add a new entry. I was just checking the status of my claim which is currently in prep for decision phase. I then clicked on the estimated completion time which is highlighted in blue 08/28/2016-10/28/2016. Then I noticed this information popped up. I am scared to click on it because it looks like it will even extend or delay my decision out even further. So guys could you take a look at this and tell me what do you think?
  3. Navy4life My whole claim includes: PTSD (MST) claim new; New claim for Sinus/Rhin; increase in migrane; and increase in skin rash (which includes all over body).
  4. Thank you all for your responses. I am currently service connected at 30% for MDD; and 0% for migranes and 0% for neck rash. I have always had sinus, and rhinitus problems throughout my time in the military. They are noted throughout my records and I am still seeking treatment. My skin rashes appear and disappear in different areas all over my body and I have presented photos as evidence to the VA doctors. I see now I am going have to obtain medical opinions to support these possible denials. Will a DBQ be enough for an outside doctor to determine, or will I have to have a personal note fr
  5. Skin Diseases Disability Benefits Questionnaire Name of patient/Vete Is this DBQ being completed in conjunction with a VA 21-2507, C&P Examination Request? [X] Yes [ ] No ACE and Evidence Review ----------------------- Indicate method used to obtain medical information to complete this document: [X] In-person examination Evidence Review --------------- Evidence reviewed (check all that apply): [X] VA e-folder (VBMS or Virtual VA) [X] CPRS 1. Diagnosis: ------------- Does the Veteran now ha
  6. I am already rated at 30% for MDD/anxiety so could this possibly mean a decrease if I am rated for PTSD/MST at 10%?
  7. a. Mental Disorder Diagnosis #1: Posttraumatic stress disorder, chronic ICD code: F43.12 Mental Disorder Diagnosis #2: Major depressive disordeer ICD code: F32.9 b. Medical diagnoses relevant to the understanding or management of the Mental Health Disorder (to include TBI): See medical records. 3. Differentiation of symptoms ------------------------------ a. Does the Veteran have more than one mental disorder diagnosed? [X] Yes [ ] No b. Is it possible to differentiate what symptom(s) is/are attributable to each diagnosis? [X] Yes [ ]
  8. Navy4life, I am in therapy twice a month and I have just started my enrollment into an additional group therapy with a local VET center. I am going post the social and occupational impairment for you all to review. Thanks for your support.
  9. I will keep you all posted and thank you again.
  10. Posted in MST and C and P and not able to see any responses.
  11. Morning, Just got my result from a MST please tell me what do you all think? Opinion: It is as likely as not (50% likelihood) that the current symptoms of the patients diagnosed PTSD and depressive disorder are the result of an in service MST-related event. Rationale: Markers of symptoms in the patient's medical history (Statement in Support of Claim and MAP-D Development letter) would/could fall in line as MST markers with her claimed stressor and substantiate that stress. Exam utilized DSM-5 diagnostic criteria.
  12. Thank you for all of the help and support on this. I will stay away from ebennies, because now it states that I am in the prep for notification stage as of this morning. I will keep you all posted on the outcome.
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