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  1. Anyone know a good lawyer to contact about representing me for my BVA and maybe CAVC?
  2. My claim goes back to Nov 2016 so it is worth hiring an attorney. I just getting frustrated that VA does not review and rate what I send them but rather goes off on a tangent. I found a lawyer the won a claim that is very similar to mine back in 2015 and thinking of hiring him.
  3. Looking to submit to VA Board Appeal just not sure if TVC (my VSO) who does not have an attorney available in Waco office or get an attorney that will charge me 20%. What are your thoughts?
  4. There are no exams showing I had a back condition when I enter the Army and I did not have a back condition when I entered the Army. Nor did I have a back condition when I retired from the Army so did not have an exam showing a back condition when I retired. My back condition was diagnosed after I had been out of the Army for awhile.
  5. A higher-level review of your claim was conducted on ..., the issue of degenerative disc disease, lumbar spine (claimed as back), was returned for a duty to assist error. The decision review officer (DRO), returned your claim for the additional medical examination and opinion to answer the question of wither [whether?] the Veteran's claimed condition which existed prior to service was aggravated beyond its natural progression by the claimed condition ... Problem is that the Veteran's claimed condition is "Service connection for degenerative disc disease, lumbar spine (claimed as back) as
  6. Anyone have an idea what the following means? notification letter starts off like this: VA completed your request for Higher-Level Review received on May 4, 2020 and identified an error in assisting you in gathering evidence to support your claim in each of your claimed conditions. VA will provide you notification of the evidence we will obtain to address these errors under a separate cover.
  7. What is my best course of action to try and get this expedited? Claim for freedom of information act / privacy act request updated on July 15, 2020 Status: Initial review We sent you a development letter Submitted on: September 6, 2019 *** View Details *** 1. Claim Received on Sept 6, 2019 2. Initial Review <<<<<< CURRENT STATUS 3. Evidence gathering, review, and decision 4. Preparation for notification 5. Complete Estimated date: June 17, 2021 *** Details *** Claim type: Freedom of Information Act / Privacy Act Request What you’ve claimed
  8. Good News. I submitted a supplemental claim dated March 17, 2020 for bilateral knees secondary to service-connected left ankle disability. Rating Decision dated 04/10/2020 awarded: 1. 10% service connection for left knee degenerative osteoarthritis effective March 7, 2016. 2. 10% service connection for right knee degenerative osteoarthritis effective March 7, 2016.
  9. Claim history: 01/19/2016, submitted claim for "Veterans lower bilateral knee pain and musculoskeletal injuries are MORE LIKELY THAN NOT >50% SERVICE CONNECTED". 11/29/2016, Rating Decision listed: Explanation: Service connection for right knee degenerative osteoarthritis is denied since this condition neither occurred in nor was caused by service. 10/18/2017, submitted claim which corrected the 01/19/2016 service connection with secondary service connection (which VA made an appeal to 01/19/2016 claim) for "Veteran lower bilateral knee strain and painful range of motion
  10. If a statement in the DECISION section of a Rating Decision lists "service connection", does this also cover a "secondary service connection"? If so, where is this addressed in the VA regulations?
  11. I am looking at using Citations as follows: VA examiner's undocumented statement that "In order for the ankle pain to have contributed to the development of the lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease, Degenerative Joint Disease, stenosis, neuropathy/radiculopathy the gait would have to be significantly antalgic and even then it would be unlikely to cause the conditions above" is of questionable probative value because of the following: 1. “If a patient has a condition (i.e. a painful lower back) proximal to the foot and it is aggravated during or after walking or standing, that may be
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