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  1. Inadequate C and P Exam

    Semper Fi Thanks for input I am a 30 infantry grunt......two Nam tours, CIB, three Bronze Stars one with V, wounded in combat Purple Heart, many months in hospitals all in my records, ARCOM with V, Air Medal, and so on......... My examiner used no VA guide.....she did not explain the exam. She asked a few up front general questions which she could have got out of my C-File which she did not review prior to exam.....NOTE: during my earlier exam that morning with a general doctor who told me the computer system was down and she would review my C-File when she could. The bulk of my Mental C and P Exam was devoted to 10 verbal and written tests one after another till I had a panic attack....she offered me no breaks..... The examiner gagged when she asked why I had not sought mental health over the past 40 years. I told her I sucked it up like so many Nam vets trying to protect my career and when I retired I taught in public schools that do not allow mental cases near children..... There are plenty of studies including VA studies that show Nam vets have sucked it up and thus have chronic PTSD and are now committing suicide and flocking to VA for disability claims........ I only had 45 minutes most of which was testing. The exam was inadequate....she wasted much time on basics that had she read my C-File she would have seen my CIB, and other awards, my stressor letter, etc....... To get ready for the worst, I have dug into her background and found she is also working in a prison......her Ph.D dissertation was on criminals who fake mental exams to beat raps.... Prisoners and Veterans.....go figure!!!!! When I returned first tour in 64 I was spat upon by my countrymen and now I am being spat upon by my government which I swore to defend........she unlike the other two examiners treated my with disrespect....... I am going back to the clinic to the ROI office to get my C and P in a few weeks...... I have retained counsel to do what I need to do should the Mental C and P go South....... By the way I do have a civilian Shrink and provided his Chronic PTSD diagnosis with Depression with my VA FDC claim...my many months of treatment and my Shrink's treatment records are in my C-File......what I did not do unfortunately was get my Shrink to fill out a DBQ....I am now having him do that to include with my appeal Thanks again Semper Fi Paradise336
  2. Inadequate C and P Exam

    Thanks Vync i will get the report I understand it takes about three weeks? Paradise336
  3. Inadequate C and P Exam

    Mark thanks much Mark I did just that and bingo she also works in a local prison and I found her PhD dissertation. Seems she is an expert on criminals manipulating the system to avoid prosecution....jeez. Now I know why she treated me like dirt. Believe me I will use this on appeal. Thanks again Mark
  4. Andyman break a leg?? a few days ago I had 3 C and Ps two examiners were pros the third wanted to deny deny die she had not read my C-File she wasted time asking me questions the answers were in my C-File i suggest you ask your examiner if she or he has read your C-File when you fill out the forms at the front desk attach your stressor letter and hand it to her Good luck Rotterhead...living in Paradise
  5. Go Well Marine....just had my PTSD C and P ......and did I get a doosie.........she had not read my C-File and because I am a 27 year grunt with CIB and multiple valor awards 3 Bronze Stars and Purple Heart for stepping on mine and she refused to believe that I have held my trauma in for all these years. I knew right away the exam was over....... The VA has studied Vietnam vets with Chronic PTSD and those who are just now going to VA at 75 years old.......I kept it in as I was protecting my career.....she just rolled her eyes....... Again, go well.......
  6. I had my C and P Exams yesterday at VA Clinic in Pensacola Fl None of the three examiners had read my C-File. Two were pros. The Mental Health examiner was unprofessional, condesending, brusque and out of sorts. She did not follow VA policy re using a checklist or template like DBQ. She was incredulous at my claim that I held in my trauma and mental health for 40 years as I protected my 27 career as an officer. Yet VA has conducted Vietnam Studies that show chronic PTSD in Vietnam vets and that there is now a surge in Vietnam vet claims. What or how to I file a protest against the examiner before VARO gets her report?