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  1. Berta, I told Dr. Bash about the Colorectal cancer having already occurred prior to the Prostate Cancer being discovered. He discussed the fact of the relationship of both cancers.... as related and precipitating the other. in his IMO, he pinpointed the relationship. And he further discussed the factors of AO "direct" exposure causation of cancer, etc. I also forwarded medical notes/diagnosis for his perusal. Dr. Bash told me the specifics of what he needed to read though. I mentioned the other denials and the new ALS diagnosis. Dr. Bash thought it more efficient to address the major poin
  2. Berta, Yes. This shows our last BVA. My husband was granted an initial rating in excess of 30 percent for PTSD. He was granted an increase up to 50 percent. Yes. He was also granted Entitlement to a total disability rating based on individual unemployability (TDIU). *Total No to Entitlement to service connection for rectal carcinoma, to include as due to herbicide exposure. IMO written. New evidence presented before 90 days ended. BVA Never responded to new evidence because they made a decision too soon before 90 period ended. BVA forward to Janesville, WI. We never heard noth
  3. Berta, The knowledge based information you give is outstanding! I feel comfortable sharing on this site and receiving feedback according to my husband's ailments and circumstances. Yet, hoped that I've remained in good faith to seek insight and clarification from those who have been there and done that. But, yet, simultaneously, I have not sought to have any complaints filed against anyone. Thanking you kindly if you keep my preference not to do so according to anything I have shared. If I am sounding like a broken record and driven you to your wit's end by being to whiney and redundant,
  4. Filed claim for his Colon Cancer in 2011. Filed for Prostate Cancer in 2015. Begin filing on PTSD; neuropathy; shrapnel scarring; arthritis; headaches; and for our son's condition in the 1990's (mid to late 1990's). Actually, all the denials for prior neuropathy and arthritis claims were identified as existing conditions within VA testing done to conclude the ALS Variant (Monomelic Amyotrophy). However, VA doctors cannot make referrals for compensation. Their written notes within the Veteran's files serve as a goldmine for outside doctors who write IMO's.
  5. Yes. My husband has an ALS Variant (Monomelic Amyotrophy). It's in his medical records, since he's already 100%, we never actually officially filed on it. However, if it will solidify future claims. The information you shared is extremely helpful. Yes, my husband does have high blood pressure.
  6. Hello Berta, I haven't posted in awhile. Now, about Nehmer Agent Orange Widow: This widow obviously had a Nehmer Agent Orange claim? How does one determine a Nehmer Agent Orange Claim to warrant DIC even if your veteran husband wasn't 100% disabled for 10 years? Our Agent told me the same thing. Our Agent told me that if my husband passed away before I did, and I became widowed prior to his being 100% for 10 years, I would not get DIC. My husband has been 100% since 2015 (Prostate Cancer). How does a widow know whether she has a Nehmer AO Claim? Our Agent is someone we have known f
  7. I'm thinking that is a possibility that perhaps some information that is being ignored due to purposefulness.... My husband began in the mid 1990's on some of his illnesses PTSD intertwined with heavy drinking,. It frightened the be Jeepers out of him when they told him he would have to endure a recreated Vietnam Experience as a setting to evaluate him ( I understand they no longer do this anymore. To avoid being put through this, he didn't go back to the VA for awhile..... Around the early 2000's he filed again on PTSD.....[again ignored. Somewhere around the early to mid 1990's prior
  8. Thank You! If Hubby desires to keep pushing we will follow up with Representative. However, he is thoroughly worn out....and is rather discouraged about the long battles with VA. Since he's won some hard fought battles, he may decide to let all other sleeping dogs lie. If it were completely up to me, I would be like you Berta. I wouldn't allow any stone to remain unturned. Yet, Hubby's the one who has to call the shots about continuing or letting it be.
  9. Berta, You are so very knowledgeable and well versed in Veteran's disabilities. And to that end, your insightful comments are invaluable. Respectfully, however, I am not referencing Remand Response of 2015 as you have referenced. I'm thinking that is why we are coming to a slightly different conclusion. You are referencing a BVA Decision of 2015 and I am referencing a BVA Decision of 2018.
  10. Berta.......When did Dr Bash suggest that? . Veteran's Wife Response: Dr. Bash wrote his IMO on November 14, 2018, His suggestion about how to make sure the IMO was received was around that time period Berta........Did he also say to prepare a cover letter to them to explain the IMO and what happened after their remand? Veteran's Wife Response: He must have because I did so. Dr. Bash seemed confident, it was going to work out in the eventuality of it all that the right individual (s) were going to be in receipt. In backtracking to read over received VA Communications:
  11. Berta, Berta: "Perhaps the representative can re-open the claim with the IMO from Dr. Bash." Maybe a denial that could have been appealed ,on the Helpless Child can also be re -opened, with new and relevant evidence. Veteran's Wife Response: Definitely will bring the matter above as mentioned to the attention of our Representative. The Representative has an abundance of clients so things move a little slow, sometimes. Oh, by the way, Dr. Bash told us to also fax the IMO to attention of the Cheryl Mason. We did. We mailed and faxed the referred specialist's (referred
  12. Well, I believe he was inside the VA System. Would that be reason enough?
  13. Berta, A lot of decisions made beneficial to my husband are long overdue Even though in my opinion, I believe he's been overlooked in a lot of areas. Yet my husband doesn't want to rock the boat. Since I'm just the wife and not the veteran unless he wants to push further, my hands are tied. The IMO written by Dr. Bash, seemingly as best we can tell RO were the recipients of the IMO. Which I thought odd since they were mailed to BVA in Washington DC. Yet the return Green Card was stamped/signed as having been in receipt by the Wisconsin Office. Berta....."I might have mentioned the
  14. Berta, Question: Do his medical records reveal no actual definitive diagnosis? Answer: Yes and No. The VA Doctor reports the diagnosis Monomelic Amyotrophy as a Motoneuron diagnosis being under the same Umbrella of Motoneuron conditions/illness just as ALS falls under the Motoneuron Umbrellas as well. No my husband/s records does not state Monomelic Amyotrophy is absolutely ALS; it states it as a variant and over time may develop further into full blown ALS,,,, Therefore continued careful observation of my husband's deteriorating/atrophy is needed as well any "emerging problems
  15. We didn't file on ALS Variant due to the VA Doctor doing reserved careful talk. My Hubby is content with his rating at this point and doesn't want to rock the boat to file on other SC illnesses. He gets stressed and anxious during the filing and follow-up process having to endure being brow beat in proving/justifying your case. He went through Hell just trying to get his PTSD increase from 30% to 50%! Trying to get unemployability was pure Hell as well. My Hubby wears a Colonoscopy' bag resulting from his rectal cancer operation is 2012; he has lost use of his right hand (He's left-h
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