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  1. Sooooo Just to update VA granted Hearing lose at 0% and tinnitus at 10% and deferred the PTSD And Headaches and denied all other claims. No one can explain why they deferred the PTSD and headaches because the exams were fully favorable. They sent a request to VES the contractor who did the exams for further clarification and when VES asked them what exactly they wanted clarification on the VA responded that the request was sent in error and to disregard the request. Now the claim is stuck in limbo because according to the VBA rep they are waiting for VES to respond to there request for clarification and VES is under the impression they have nothing to do for them. Talking to the newest VSO in the office but a guy that's been around the block a few hundred times over the years with the VA bluntly said what's going on with my claim doesn't surprise him because no one wants to write that size of a check on there punch card. 39 months of retro with a wife and 4 dependents from what he can see combined 90% with inferred IU for a total of 100% retro. don't know if that's the case but it wouldn't surprise me anymore with all the BS ive had to deal with them anymore.
  2. That is kinda of the thoughts I had to but wasn't entirely sure. Kinda confusing that he checked of issues in the criteria side but not on symptom side. also in his statement says my PTSD can cause issues with me being employed but low balled that check box... like I said before he really didn't ask me much just clicked and said that's enough after every question he asked me.. But it is what it is its always a wait and see what the VA will do with the information. Once again thanks you for the Information Buck52..
  3. Thanks for the information Buck52 I went to the VBA and got copies... They weren't to thrilled about doing it either and kind of bitched that they arent supposed to do that anymore you have to send in a foia... blah blah blah Any who anyone wanna take a WAG????
  4. Well talked to the VSO Today and the PTSD is def in my favor with it being a "more likely then not" on the opinion. I don't know what rating i will get all the VSO says is anywhere from 30 to 70 that there are a lot of boxes checked and he cant give me a def answer until the VA rates it. Sucks that you cant just pull up C&P's when the VA contracts them out.
  5. Got a call from my VSO today to let me know that 2 of my other comp and penns where uploaded already he didn't know they already did my PTSD he thought they were still waiting for scheduling.. Both are in my favor he said but the PTSD is not in yet... Wasn't expecting any of them to be turned in this quick to be honest i am used to the old system of they say up to 30 days and they take 74 instead. Not to mention now i think i am over thinking everything because it has been my experience that they give you 2 and deny the 3rd.... But I digress and will just wait and hold out hope and see what happens.
  6. UPDATE!!! So went for my comp and penn on Friday with VES. I was waaay more freaked out about finally having it done then the appointment warranted.. Was told when i got the call that it would be 90 mins minimum i was in there less then 30 mins... He didnt ask any detail questions what so ever He said he did not need them he had more then enough notes and details from my claim... all we did was go over the DBQ and he asked if i had this or that issue from the DBQ. There were a few questions like job history that he did not even take all the information he took 1 instance and cut me off and said that was enough and if i had ever gotten in-trouble with the law again took one instance and cut me off.... Well heres to the wait and see waiting game...
  7. it was a separate dd214 i Actually have 2 total as well.... they acknowledged my first enlistment dd214 with zero issues.... the second enlistment dd214 was easily matched on deers but for whatever reason they didnt do that before I made a huge deal out of it once i realized what they were doing wrong. Once i got them to check Deers and AKO for confirmation of proof of service they finally acknowledged that i did serve during that time period. After that it is still the matter of all my records 201 and med file are completely MIA. They have been fighting me on all my medical issues which happened on the second enlistment which has been the bane of my existence...
  8. sorry took so long to answer back... I have way more then the 181 that was not the issue at hand... When i Say my records were lost i mean my entore 2nd enlistment records were and still are missing... As far as they go as of the 1st of this month DOD claims NPRC has them and they do not and NPRC say they do not have them DOD does. even though i was providing my DD214 the VA could not find the records on my 2nd enlistment so were denying i served that period of time. I do have firm diagnoses of PTSD from not only civilian doctors but the VA doctors as well. To that effect my treatment team put together a detailed letter outlining my treatment and the effects of my PTSD has had on my life and from the records i have been able to provide and there belief that it is firmly service connected... Now onto the Current Update... I received the first of many calls today to schedule Comp and Pens... I have 3 scheduled so far to include the PTSD, Headaches, and hearing with tinnitus. Not that is not all my claimed conditions But the VBA rep i talked to thinks they are looking to do a partial grant while and continue looking for other records... So wish me luck over the course of the next 20 or so days doing exams and the next 3 to 6 months to get a decision...
  9. i tried that twice and i got the obligatory chain letter assuring me that the VA is doing everything they can to process my claim in a timely manner. For whats its worth since all the VSO's hated Allison Hicky at least when she was running things she put a stop to damn near 3 year GOE claims. and she at least took emails and responded with action and didn't just ignore them. Im just burnt out on this whole mess.
  10. Update Still sitting here waiting in GOE with no end in sight. Every 2 weeks ebenefits changes to requested documents past due. It stays like that for a week then back to Full GOE over and over again. The funny thing is my suspense date does not move forward any more and actually moves backwards at the moment it reads completion date of 12/26/2016. I do not know who to call or email that can do anything to help. My VA Psych team even wrote a major letter to add to my claims folder outlining my symptoms conditions and left no room for doubt in in it. If anyone has a number or email of someone i can contact please let me know.
  11. I'm going through it now and let me tell you i have had more then a few moments i almost got up and walked out. mine doesn't just let me walk away like i want at times. Truth be told Mine expects to have to do multiple different types of therapy and has already said he isnt looking for fixed at this point but a better quality of life. Meaning less angry out burst and not so hyper vigilant and not so isolated from the world. I just hope it helps but i have every intention of atleast trying to see if it will.
  12. Just a Update on status. Coming up on 23 months after filing my claim and still in GOE since they still can not find or even get a response on my missing service records from that time period. I do not know what to do to at least get this to start moving forward and all multiple VSO's can say is just wait it out the back pay will be nice and say they at least they look at it once a month since they reset the request clock. with all due respect to money since it does make the world go round, i could give a rats ass less about the money and could use the medical help more then that. Right now since i am not service connected and my 1 year humanitarian is burned through i will have to somehow pay almost 300 bucks per weekly visit just for my mental help treatment. hell my electric inst even payed at the moment cause i have to make a choice on medication or lights then alone pay those fees. So in short does anyone know how to kick this pig out of the gate and get in moving???
  13. I guess she talked to the Big VSO rep down in DC today and he looked over them and said the GyNO is actually in her favour. The nurse just talks about her 1 time ruptured ovarian cyst even though there was never another issue again since she was 16 because the remand stated that they were to rule it out as the cause of her current issues since that was what they originally denied it for. In the DBQ the Nurse states that her current issues better then 50/50 and are a natural progression of her in service diagnoses of endometriosis and mst. The nurse did shoot down the B12 issue though which really had zero bearing on a potential rating anyway. The VSO did have her schedule a meeting with her Nuero real quick to have him write a nexus on the spinal Syrinx since in her first Nuero doc she had very clearly stated that it was due to her back injury but the Nurse stated in the DBQ that it was not and that her leg radiculopathy was due to her Syrinx causing upper motor Nueron problems. On the Phone her Nuero Doc said BS he was so damn sick and tired of CnP nurses screwing people over and screamed about how if the nurse was miss using his notes. He said when she comes in he will sit down and write a letter stating that the Syrinx is a manifestation of her in service back injury and that the syrinx has no bearing on upper motor nueron problems since she has None. Either way seems like a long road ahead no matter what...lol
  14. the remand was due to inadequate exams and to determine service connection so i guess in a way it was a hit to both houses so to speak. The order states that the AMC after doing exams are to rate them if possible and if not issue a SSOC and return it to the BVA for further adjudication. The Judge opted for the AMC to handle the appeal as a Whole instead of returning to the RO since they really did a number on her claim folder up to that point... The RO sent her claim fie to BVA missing the last 6 years of all her VA treatment records on top of everything else so long story short Judge blew her top more then once. Also does address the original raters errors over 10 years ago in how they rated her lower lumbar strain with leg numbness but did not address the leg issues as a separate issue. It addresses the Gyno issues since they never even did a exam and denied it from the start. Originally the appeal claim went strait to the BVA but was misplaced for 8 years at the RO and stalled so once it was found had a DRO look at it he granted some things that were blatantly obvious and once again ignored the Gyno issues and her back and legs completely and forwarded it to the BVA.
  15. the lumbar strain with lower leg numbness was already verified and service connected over 10 years ago. so the hard landing was already established and service connected prior. for some reason she felt the need to mention it. These are probably the most confusing DBQ's ive ever seen. So much back and forth on what she is saying and a lot of speculation.
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