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  1. C & P EXAMS

    As soon as you can, request a copy of the exam, and go over it with a fine tooth and comb.

    Whether you think the examiner is going to do a good job or not. You get a copy and check everything. For example, in my case, I had a C & P Exam done on 10/21/2015 for chronic kidney disease stage III secondary to sc hypertension, and when I looked at the exam I was happy that he did connect them together and his rationaIe was good also. So I was just waiting on a ratings decision to come down in Dec 2015.

    But instead, I got a letter from the VARO saying that my DRO hearing will be in Jan 2016. So apparently they are not going rate me until after the hearing.

    So I decide to review my exam, one more time, as I reviewed the C & P Exam, I noticed on the history of this disability, the only thing he mentioned about my kidney disease was the date it first began which was in 2003. Everything else was within the last couple of yrs 2012-2015. Why is this important? Because in 2003, when my kidney problem was failing rapidly my creatinine fail to 4.5mg%, stage 4, so they had to immediately get me on some high blood pressure medication to get this problem under control. GFR 39. Medication: Atenolol, furosemide, simvastatin. So, in Jan 2004, my creatinine dropped to 3.7mg% and stage III, and today it remains at stage III, and the creatinine is 1.9, GFR 43, in which it has gotten a little better.

    The importance to me is the damage has already been done, and as I look at the ratings for renal dysfunction: Creatinine of 4 to 8mg%-rating 80%; and a markedly decreased function of kidney or other organs systems---100%

    Also didn't mention, that in 2004, VAMC Renal did a mag 3 scan to find out the functioning of my kidneys, test indicated left kidney function a 94% uptake and right kidney atrophy at 6% uptake minimumly functioning. Assessment Markedly asymmetric kidney function, with minimal function in the right side. He did mention my anemia, or secondary hyperparathyroidism.

    Your thoughts and opinions

    1. Buck52


      what did the C&P Examiner say? 

      Did you request a DRO Hearing?

      If you get a low- ball rating? or post your reasons and basis of their decision (cover name &SS#

      ''NOD ''and submit all medical evidence you stated here on hadit and it would be a good thing to go to a private specialist for an  IMO,/IME take your medical documents to let the private Dr read,.

      Then look up the CFR's ratings and quote the Regs  High-lit AS your as your evidence  so they will be sure and read it   High-lite all the favorable evidence.

      The VA has a tendency not to read all medical evidence the first time around.



    2. Palma114


      Yes, I requested a DRO hearing about 18 months ago, this was remanded from bva in 2014, its a little strange and maybe convenient that they would have me to do a C & P Exam on 10/21/2015, and I'm thinking a ratings decision would be coming down soon, instead I get a letter telling me I have a DRO hearing that I had requested 18 months ago.

      So my thinking is, I have already got a copy of the C & P Exam, and as I listed above, there is already a lot of things I disagree with, and the VARO letter also states, that I can bring all evidence to hearing. I have 2 other disability issues pending, as well.

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