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  1. I was just granted a additional 20% for Dry Eyes, if i add this new 20% to my Current - 20%,30%,10%,60%,30%,10%,20%,10%,10%,10% will i be at 95% which would take me to 100%?
  2. Thanks ALL I'm still at 90% which is still GREAT
  3. Yes, I apologize here's what't going on, I'm already rated 90% and today the following happen My GERD was increased from 10% to 20% My Cervical DDD was increased from 20% to 30% I got rated 10% from Radiculopathy
  4. Ok Thanks, I'll take some time to read through theses
  5. Hi guy I'm currently rated 90%, today i just saw where my GERD was increased to 20%, my Cervical increased to 30% and my right ridculopathy increased to 10%, with all this what's my new overall rating?
  6. Can anyone help me with this? How or where can i find information as to how does the VA rate "Radiculopathy"
  7. Now that my Appeal is docketed, here's my question? How far back will VA go as far as years on a Earlier Effective Date, the date I'm appealing is 2013, I feel my effective date should be 2002
  8. I was rated 0% back in 2001 for migraines and throughout this process I've continue being treated both by the VA and private doctors for this, finally in 2015 I was rated 30% but they only went back to 2013, my question is shouldn't my effective date been 2001?
  9. How far back or how many years back will the VA go to for a Earlier Effective Date?
  10. Veterans is rated 100% compensation can he/she still have a full time job?
  11. Sgt Wilks I can only speak for me BUT I had had my claims in since August 2002 and I contacted "then" undersecretary Hickey on Dec 7, 2014 afterward Dec 16, 2014 ALL my claims were closed in went from 30% to 90% I must include this happen with being on this site so I say contact them
  12. What steps do I need to follow before I move forward with my cervical radiculopathy surgery at a non-va medical facility
  13. I'm sure this question has been ask before, can sleep apnea be secondary to hypertension/chronic kidney disease?
  14. Again Thanks for all the advice, I'll go through all my medical records and go from there Thanks
  15. Yes I NOD/appealed the 0% in 2000 and throughout that time (2000 - 2015) when everything was decided I was under doctor care for the headaches from medications, Xrays to MRI and I constantly sent in each and every piece of documentation dealing with the headaches. It wasn't until I got the information (here on Hadit) to contact "former" Undersecretary Allison Hickey and believe it or not it took here less than (5) days for my claim to be settle. So basically I fought this for nearly 15 years, and it may have took so long because I did all of this on my own, because its VERY hard to get help from the VSO here in Mississippi at least in my area
  16. I retired in 2000 at which time the headaches were one of a few claims I applied for and it took the 2 years for it to come back at 0% and throughout my 22 years in the service it was documented in my medical records with these headaches. I have/had continue to fight not only for these headaches increase since I received the 0% in 2000, and the bottom line is it took nearly 15 years for the VA to settle these headaches
  17. Here's my situation, I was recently rated 30% for tension and contraction headaches "effective date" December 2013, however I was already rated 0% August 2002 so here's my question, should I NOD for the 2002 as my Earlier Effective Date or is the 2013 correct?
  18. I too have cervical radiculopathy, my question is can the Cervical condition also cause the additional pain I'm having in my lower back?
  19. I'm not sure of your question, but I rated 90% earlier this year and the way mines retro pay ended up went back as far as 2010, but it (my claim) was for several different condition with different dates (2010) being the farthest back. Which got me a back pay right under six digits. So I guess I'll say (and this is only my opinion) according to my situation is that you should get retro pay the earliest claim applied. Hope others will join in here.
  20. Yes I applied, never got anything stating I was denied, but I did get paperwork stating that I had the condition and that was it, I've contacted the #800 number numerous times and was just told yes they see it in the system and if they need anything they'll contact me
  21. I was recently diagnosed anatomical blind (in one eye) "December 2014" but have yet to be rated or anything, any suggestions on what to do or what to expect
  22. I'm new (as in discussion on the forum) but not to Hadit.com, but I've got to share my story (in short term). I retired July 2000 and had been working on my claims since then, but until I found this site (with no help from VSO) here in Mississippi I was going no where. This site suggested contacting "former Undersecretary" Allison Hickey and I did that like on a Sunday night in March 2015 and that Monday morning I was contacted by her and by the end of that same week my claims was settle with me going from 0% to 90%. Amazingly (15 years of dealing with VA) and only took a week when she got involved, a BIG THANKS to all of you here on Hadit.com
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