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  1. What is it called when you had a hearing at your local VARO for several issues to get service connected for, but only two issues was addressed at the hearing and you wanted all issues to be addressed at the hearing but wasn't.
  2. Thank You Berta and others for all of the good information on this topic. I will use it to the best of my ability.
  3. Would this be considered a CUE, because I am confused on what is a CUE.
  4. IRAQ Burn Pit and IBS

    Hello, Berta I was recently service connected for burn pit at 30% for asthma copd dyspnea effective date 2015 but I orginally filed for asthma before I ETS from the military and was denied from the Army. After my ETS I filed with the VA in Oct. 2004 for asthma denied had a C&P Exam 2018 and Dr. opined that I was diagnosed with asthma in 1995 in my service treatment records. I also have non-compensable IBS  so should I fight for a early effective Oct. 2004 as a NOD or appeal effective date for asthma and us the regulations for presumtive for IBS.

  5. doc25 Is this what my neurologist did a DBQ for OSA secondary to my PTSD to submit for evidence to the VA.
  6. REDACTED Files: I put a claim in for Asthma before I ETS from the Army got denied June 2004. Oct 2004 put claim for Asthma denied saying no diagnoses in STR for Asthma appealed it and I withdrew the appeal around 2005, 2006 with my VSO telling me to do so in order to get service connected for 2 other claims and I did not knowing he screwed me over. Fast forward got awarded for Asthma with COPD with Dyspnea Burn Pit Exsposure as of 2018. Is the effective date right in the uploads or should I appeal, NOD, or is it a Cue or just leave it alone. Any help will greatly appreciated.
  7. Thank You both for the respond and I will take the advice that was given.
  8. I have a question on effective date. I file a claim in 10/2004 before I ETS bilateral knees, I was denied and appealed it because I was denied. In 2006 VSO Rep told me to withdraw my appeal to get another one awarded and I did. In 2018 the appeal I withdrew was awarded effective date 02/2015 for bilateral knee. Should the effective date be 10/2004 or is it correct 02/2015 since I withdrew my appeal.

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