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    Any information that will help in my claims. Also, love reading different threads on veterans' successes and beyond! Information is powerful! I much rather be armed with it...than without it! ?

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  1. Congratulations!!! Job Well Done!
  2. Awesome!!! Glad You Was Able To Prevail! Such Great News To Hear/Read About Success.
  3. @MarkInTexas, that's great news! The fight for myself and others will continue! Enjoy every moment and spend it wisely. Definitely not in one place...spread the wealth...lol.
  4. Thank you all for the great information! @L, will it be ok to obtain this letter myself from HR and submit it through ebennie once I receive it? Thank you for your input!
  5. Hi All, Thank you all once again for helping us through these hurdles and hoops when it comes to our claims. My question is...do you think that I have a chance of getting TDIU if I file with contentions of: PTSD 70%, Migraines 30%, and Pes Planus 30%? Also, I was awarded in December 2017 SSDI solely for PTSD. I haven't worked since November 1, 2011. Thanks in advance for any information. Do you think I should open an Intent to file as well?
  6. Thank you both and looking forward to 2018! Have a Prosperous New Year Guys!
  7. This Will Work! Must File For Student Loan Forgiveness Very Soon!
  8. Hi all, Hope everyone had a splendid Christmas and looking forward to the New Year! I'm officially a 90% member now! Thanks to everyone who were helpful in me obtaining this increase due to being rated 30% for migraines.
  9. @Navy04, Thank You! Yes, it was a struggle. But I kept telling myself what doesn't kill me only will make me stronger!
  10. Yes, we are @Hamslice! Thank you very much!
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