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  1. Thank you all for acknowledging my rating! @Berta, you are a true example of exemplary tactical maneuvering. I've often would browse and read your comments about your experiences with VA. You actually beat them at their own game! Some are afforded the opportunity to fight, but what they're put through, actually takes the fight out of them. I have the upmost respect for you and others, whom paved the way for us lightweights to acquire success. Last year was an unfortunate year for me unlike no other whereas, losing both of my parents and sibling within a month's time and keeping up with different C&P exams, researching up to my brain capacity and being hospitalized half of that year, but I was determined to fight against all odds even it was last thing I'd did. So, with saying all of that...keep doing your best to continue your journey as a mentor, moderator and innovator. Individuals like yourself definitely make a difference in this world. Peace and Love, PP
  2. Hello all my fellow comrades, Even through my sicknesses and illnesses physically and mentally, I'd stilled persevered. There were times that I'd surely wanted to give up, and I'd felt like that's what they wanted! We are warriors on the battlefield, off the battlefield and amongst life. Never, ever QUIT!!! The fight has just begun and the war isn't over! Keep your head up, and maintain integrity. I would like to thank everyone for their awesome input with helping me to obtain such a rating. There were times that I'd needed to be away from this forum due to extenuating circumstances that needed my attention and of course, literally was boggled down doing research to strengthen my claims. Once again, thank you all and l'll definitely be paying it forward, to include a donation to this great platform. The following are my results as of today, June 22, 2020.
  3. Hi All, Its been a minute since the last time I was here due to being consumed physically and mentally from the losses of both my parents and a sibling in 2019 although, I'd make a debut the other day to let you all know that I am well. I am very grateful to be doing so much better. Could someone please explain to me what this letter means from the VBA that I'd received today? Everything was remanded, which it's my first time going through an appeal process. Thank you for any input in this matter!
  4. Ohhhh...and congrats to you as well, @GBArmy!
  5. Thank you all very much!!! @broncovet, @GBArmy, and @pacmanx1 I really appreciate that! Ohhh...and Congratulations to you@broncovet! You're so very deserving of it. You've been there for us all and have given out very good advice to everyone, including myself. Sorry to hear about your ordeal with the loss of your loved one's, as well. We will be just fine! I'll have to admit that it had been such a long road to recovery but I refuse to give up. Peace be with you all! PP
  6. Hiya All, It has been a while since last reporting on this site. Glad to be back, although I've been ill and experienced some emotional hardships due to losing both of my parents and my eldest sibling last year. My family and I lost my father on Feb 7, 2019 on a Thursday, and two weeks later, we lost my mother on Feb 21, 2019 on a Thursday, and lastly, we lost my oldest sister on Mar 7, 2019 on a Thursday which all succumbed to death in a month's time. It really took a tow on me physically and emotionally due to me being the baby of the family and was my mother and father caretaker while dealing with my own health issues. Time brings on changes that we're sometimes not able to predict. But, I would like to say that I am doing so much better and I really miss you guys. I'm still in the 90's club with pending claims that I'm hoping to get me over the hump. Well...from time to time, I'll be checking in on this forum because of such great Warriors, with such great knowledge and kindness. Hope to chat with you all soon! Hoooooaaaaa!
  7. Congratulations!!! Job Well Done!
  8. Awesome!!! Glad You Was Able To Prevail! Such Great News To Hear/Read About Success.
  9. @MarkInTexas, that's great news! The fight for myself and others will continue! Enjoy every moment and spend it wisely. Definitely not in one place...spread the wealth...lol.
  10. Thank you all for the great information! @L, will it be ok to obtain this letter myself from HR and submit it through ebennie once I receive it? Thank you for your input!
  11. Hi All, Thank you all once again for helping us through these hurdles and hoops when it comes to our claims. My question is...do you think that I have a chance of getting TDIU if I file with contentions of: PTSD 70%, Migraines 30%, and Pes Planus 30%? Also, I was awarded in December 2017 SSDI solely for PTSD. I haven't worked since November 1, 2011. Thanks in advance for any information. Do you think I should open an Intent to file as well?
  12. Thank you both and looking forward to 2018! Have a Prosperous New Year Guys!
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