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  1. Okay, so after skimming through my notes from Blue Button, I've come to wonder if the VA raters have access to VA treatment records....because if so, they would have a hell of a mess to clean up based on the FACT that I have datestamped - diagnosis for conditions they failed to SC due to (lack of diagnosis)....what gives??? I'm so lost and don't know what to do anymore. They completely overlooked EVERYTHING! It was all spelled out, all they had to do was say "yup, says right here, this guy has issues!"
  2. I am wondering about this as well, and not trying to hijack this thread, but perhaps we can both gain something from this...I placed an intent to file for ptsd/MDD back in 2014 and was reluctantly met with a denial in late 2016, had treatment all the while from local VA clinic, however, didn't have statements rendering a "diagnosis" just had treatment for "undiagnosed" ptsd....if the connection was made after-the-fact...why wouldn't any retro fall back to the date the complaint was originally filed, even with proof that the illness began on AD and treatment thereafter? I feel like this is a way of botching Vet's from timely and proper compensation this way, because instead of Duty to Assist, they never requested information on any evidence regarding, specifically, a diagnosis for the treatment I was given for years...so they mean to say that along the doctor's notes and "Problem List" under MyHealth Blue button doesn't count for anything?? (which btw has the earliest registered date besides my ITF) still predates my date for the Reopening of my claims... Help!!
  3. Maybe I'm just confused on this but I wanted to see what could result from this instance. First off - I have yet to establish service connection for PTSD as of yet, however, that decision will be made in my favor, and very soon. There's not a speck of doubt there. The system has been trying to play catch-up now for several years, and we're almost to the end result now. I was severed from the military, not retired. This is something that will be audited and corrected as well. Bear in mind it took YEARS to get everything going up to this point, my fight is long from over. Next - I am a victim of MST, so let's get that out of the way. These attacks happened both in state, as well as deployed. Is there a possibility for CRSC to apply due to my deployment including Hazard pay? Note - I did not engage or become engaged by enemy contact at any points in my enlistment....just our enemies here at home.
  4. Negative, these claims were submitted new, and for service connection back in Feb 2014. Denied Sept 2016, and reopened January 2017 (with 3 new doctor statements and nexus, Woop Woop!) Have not had to appeal, as the claim had reopened successfully upon receipt of the new evidence. Hopefully this will EED back to the Feb 2014 date, as it "should". I only filed increase on items I already had SC'd, period. So, since there's been no NOD, I'm wondering what to expect now, because a reopen may as well be like a "back to the beginning/drawing board on my initial claim, right? Tia again, for all your help guys. I'll post the redacted we idiom page soon, here.
  5. Everything I submitted was new, and after I had received my denial late last year, I pursued a letter of diagnosis and Nexus. Such was easily and fortunately obtained thru the proper channels, granted they didn't have to stick their necks out for me, however, they (VA docs) found it absolutely assanine that I was ever denied in the first place due to the years of treatment, prescriptions, statements and records, as well as counseling sessions.... As for the diagnosis of TBI, the DIRECTOR of the polytrauma/TBI center wrote a diagnosis/nexus on my behalf as well, along with the same remarks of sheer disbelief and shaking his head. I had Neuro reports when I was outsourced to civvy docs while AD....plenty of notes there too, although that doctor in particular said nothing to the effect of TBI to much dismay. I'm also curious as to how they came to their conclusion for my migraines, as they seemed to have (on paper) just popped out of thin air with no attributable incident ( calling BS on this one ) Now I'm having new concerns about my position upon discharge, as I was forced out with severance pay, instead of placement on TDRL/PDRL....I feel like this is something that should be audited, and that perhaps I was given the boot, swept under the rug, and then stepped on. I'm still learning a lot about DoD ratings, but having been diagnosed for TBI and PTSD...I should have been found more than 10% unfit (based off new rules for 50% on TDRL for AD members with PTSD (for 6 months)). CRSC/CRDP are something the VA runs too right? But what if my DoD rating was incorrect....??? What can I do now?
  6. I redacted the information regarding this for my ptsd in another post, and you had responded to that claim as a very good claim. No C&P for TBI as of yet.
  7. Buck, Short answer - the doctors were more than happy to write both diagnosis and service connection on the same page...can a diagnosis and nexus be on the same page together? Seems to me That's exactly what I got with no questions asked. My doctors were horrified when I brought my denial letter into the VA, mortified, to physically show them "what went wrong". It interests me that i've had treatments all this time (some on AD for TBI specifically) however...it seems as if TBI itself as an acronym was avoided altogether by both reviewers and doctor's alike (even with the fact that there were literally hundreds of witnesses (as embarrassing as this is, it's not an exaggeration)). Hence, them rating me for migraines at 30%...and there's no explanation for the onset ((you mean I didn't say I tried to play "scared ostrich" with the concrete LOUDLY ENOUGH?? --oh - ok!!--))...i honestly have no idea how they came to their conclusion to resolve this as simply "migraines with visual aura" and without having a definitive "incident"...i'm going over my records again to see if there isn't something more I could include to shed as much light as possible.
  8. Jfrei, The two c&p's were, 1 - request for increase on my left arm issues, 2 - ptsd/mst. The cause of the TBI was due to LOC mixed with gravity and concrete. Not sure what LOD is so I'll assume (line of duty statement?). I had a couple hundred people present when it happened, and have a few buddy statements regarding the incident in with the claim. I'll give that number a call today. My SOC from the (first and only this far) denial cited that I had evidence for all these contentions I had claimed, yet no diagnosis...which was a load of crap, I have had treatment for the years since I left service, and feel like it was literally because I didn't have a piece of paper saying the exact words "diagnosis of, and due to service. So....i got those docs drafted up, and sent them in too, to add a nail to the coffin. No NOD has been filed, as it has been less than a year since the initial denial, claim was easily successfully reopened less than 4 months after the denial. Findings are on another post under OEF/OIF vets (Sc claim from beginning to end) ironically the title implies that it is over...yet reality is I'm still far away from a resolution. Anything else I can fill in blanks for I'd be more than happy to share. Thanks!
  9. My first go-around started in February 2014, and ended with 99% of contentions denied in September 2016...case was reopened before 1yr NOD appeal timeframe due to N&M evidence...Reopened late January...well over 3 years running now, and the supposed timeframe is now September to November... My question is about an odd thing I noticed...I have had two c&p's this year, and I'm expecting a DBQ/C&P for TBI before this part reaches a new resolution... Here's the thing...it's been almost two months with ZERO updates since my last C&P, no news of future appointments...nothing...what can/should I do?
  10. I feel you Andyman73 As a male MST survivor, it seems a good majority of folks want to hand us (men) the rope to hang ourselves with..."you're a guy so suck it up" the old "boys will be boys" mentality playing it's wicked role in all of this. I'm just saying that the notion that women are the only victims should be changed as well as society's dismissal of crimes involving rape for anyone.
  11. Not getting PTSD as SC'd yet...however it is gathering dust on some evaluator's desk right now - and this remark from this "Bruce" person comes across as a slap to the face IMO. What blundering buffoon thinks it is alright to talk about the shame on our Nation that occurs when society turn their heads away, while our Vets are haunted/tortured by PTSD both Combat/MST like it's "the boy who cried wolf"...
  12. Update 6/12/2017 Claim reverted from "Pending Decision Approval" to Gathering of Evidence...dad gummit...it's good though that they want to actually evaluate my TBI before re-approaching me with half-*** answers/reviews/evaluations Estimated date is nearly 1 year after their last decision to simply deny everything, HOWEVER! DBQ for PTSD is finished (and I really appreciate the good work this Dr. did) and full evaluation rendered (thank goodness) - I had so much trouble dealing with Atlanta RO/C&P subcontractors and it seems to never be without end of issues in that hornet's nest. Now, just making a wild guess here, but I'm assuming someone had "actually" read through my file this time and found TBI info clearly labeled and headlined. Next up, C&P for TBI and its secondaries....which I'm not fully familiar with....and isn't a balance disorder a separate rating from a TBI, something I read recently and didn't know about when I filed in '14. Again, TIA, I'm sure there will be many to learn from my broken road thru VA claims. Questions: Ummm...(went blank...whoops) Oh yeah! - The secondaries to TBI thing...I have a good understanding for what I deal with in regards to how TBI has affected me in the past regarding balance (mostly bad falls all over the place), migraines ---and I'm trying to tie my back to the TBI claim - so I have some details outlined for when I go to my TBI exam (which isn't scheduled as of this date). Anything else I should be aware of?
  13. Years ago, the DoD discharged me at 10% based on their "findings"... I understand that I've accepted VA (initially 40%, now 50%, and pending further claims) comp. instead of DoD retirement and instead took severance, however....They rated me wrong upon discharge utilizing only a minor injury for the rating as per the DoD disabled schedule as I was getting booted out the door in a quick hurry, and despite outsource for neuro involvement the year prior to my discharge... Still awaiting the results of my current claims, but the ball is in my court on this one... Can I get a Retired ID, base access etc. possibly somehow?
  14. No, and I have not further pursuid my claim for SSI at this point. It's not in my best interest at the moment either. :-)
  15. I'm just concerned that between the doctor's report and my eventual tbi C&P they won't be able to discern from the two, and end up with one convoluted rating for both TBI and PTSD...Perhaps it may be this way because they didn't do TBI first so that my PTSD examiner also couldn't make that determination......Help!
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