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  1. I did and i also did as much leg work as I could so the VA wouldn't have to look far. I scanned my non-VA doctor's notes and I submitted a paper that showed my time in Kuwait. There is a selection that you can find on the MyVetEHealth website in your health record that says DOD information. That shows most of the places you have been and the dates, it did not have every single place and date but it had what I needed. Just select that box and it will appear in your health summary that comes up.
  2. Just to post an update, I submitted my claim in May and was awarded 30% for IBS-D with an effective date of June 2015, which was the date i submitted my intent to file. My total is now 60% service connected.
  3. When I check my notes after a visit to my PCP in My HealtheVet, I have noticed a few times where the notes she writes are nothing we have talked about and some are wrong. Is there a way to amend my VA medical records. I have already submitted a change of provider request but I am wondering if it is even possible or something I should just talk to my new provider about? In my notes from January 14, 2016 my PCP wrote "NOTED HIS CLINICAL EXAM WITH NOT MUCH FINDINGS BUT C/O ARE OUT OF PROPORTION". How could she put something like this in my notes? How is it acceptable to write this and in all caps? She doesn't know my pain level or how many times I use the bathroom every day. This time I brought my fiancé with me to my exam because she almost didn't believe me when I told her how my PCP acts and what she says. I now plan on having her there for all of my appointments so that I can have a witness. One complaint was with my back and she didn't look or even touch my back but in my notes it said I have full range of motion. Please let me know if any of you have had any successes with this problem because I know I can't be the only one this has happened to.
  4. When you're talking with your VA doc, don't mention you're filing a claim for anything. Just talk to them and ask if one condition could be a result of the other condition. I think all you would need would be for the VA doc to note that in your records. Try submitting your SA as secondary to your PTSD and it should be put in to your current claim. Did the VA doc diagnose you with PTSD? You should upload your records from '99 that show your diagnosis and it should help you out. I really think it is BS how VA docs treat us and they don't take inconsideration that some of the vets can't work and don't have insurance outside of the VA.
  5. First question for you is, do you have service in the Southwest Asia? If so this will help: Qualifying undiagnosed illnesses or diagnosable chronic disability patterns, that appeared either during a qualifying period of active service or prior to December 31, 2016, must meet the following conditions: There must be no other cause for your disability or illness than service in the Southwest Asia theater of military operations. your disability existed for 6 months or more, AND If your disability or illness did not appear during active duty in the Southwest Asia theater of military operations, then it must have appeared prior to December 31, 2016, to a degree that is at least 10-percent disabling (for VA rating purposes). Diagnosable Fibromyalgia This link will give you all of the information: http://www.benefits.va.gov/COMPENSATION/claims-postservice-gulfwar.asp This link will define the Southwest Asia/Gulf War service areas: http://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/gulfwar/military-service.asp If you have service in the defined areas, then file a claim for Fibromyalgia under the environmental hazard due to gulf war service. If you file a FDC claim on Ebenefits, there is an option when you add your disability to select the environmental hazard option from the pull down menu. Just get a copy of the your diagnosis and upload it with your claim. I hope this helps you.
  6. They get 20%!? The DAV rep didn't tell me that! Lucky for me I only selected them but haven't filed yet! I'm glad my civilian doctor is taking his time with paperwork and the last couple appointments. I know on ebennies you can select one but can you drop one without selecting another one?
  7. I got out as a MEB and received a severance payment when I got out. I also got a 10% rating for my left foot, reason for MEB, which would have put my first payment somewhere around 2030. A few years ago I filed a claim for more things and got bumped up to a total of 40% and now I finally get a monthly payment. If you get awarded more SCs and/or a higher percentage, it may be possible that it will pay off what you owe the VA. Good luck with everything!! You should win your PTSD with what you've said. I'm SC for PTSD and I just recently moved to central Florida and yesterday was my first sit down with someone from MH. During the intake the nurse asked if I had it. Then when talking to the doctor, he mentioned I have signs and symptoms of PTSD. It's like the VA is scared to say you have it. So you're lucky! I got diagnosed at my C&P exam.
  8. Thanks! That is good advice and makes sense. I'm glad the VA picks guys like this to police the agency. They should appoint me to IG, I could use the pay raise and I would file charges on everyone who breaks the laws within the VA! We could really get this problem fixed!
  9. Thanks, I will go get a copy of my records from the doc and submit it this week. What's the worse that happens, get denied and keep trying? One thing, I didn't notice there was a Gulf War Illness thread until after I post this here. Is there a way to move this post to the other thread?
  10. I have a question about trying to get IBS service connected. I am only an Afghanistan vet and I have read the Gulf War Presumptive Illness requirements and I saw that it says if you have spent one day in the Southwest Asia theater of operations that you could be SC due to a presumptive illness. I have records that show I was in Kuwait and was there for over a week but that was for my travel during my mid-tour leave. Could I submit a claim for IBS under the Gulf War Presumptive illness or should I try to get it service connected the regular room? I was thinking about trying it as a presumptive illness first and if it didn't work, then file a regular claim but I'm unsure if that could hurt my chances at the regular claim. Thank you guys in advance for your help and advice.
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