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  1. Hi Martell, I have been working on my father's behalf for the past few years. He originally claimed injury to feet/flat feet in 1983 and only awarded SC for it in Nov 2015 after I submitted a very thorough claim. He was awarded the max-50%, so he is now at 100% P&T. That being said, I have submitted VA-9 and am waiting for a DRO hearing. (Earlier effective date) To make a long story short, I have been looking into this RAMP program. I emailed his VARO in Roanoke and was told it was indeed an "invite only." They are working on the oldest appeals first. I was going to request that his appeal go under RAMP. I really don't have any specific info on the program besides the info in the media and the website. I do, however, see it another way. I think the VA knows that they are under the microscope like never before and want their programs to be successful. I think these first RAMP claims will be treated with more attention than the "legacy" claims. However, that is strictly my opinion. I think if you have filed a complete claim, in addition to the additional evidence, I would say you would be a good candidate. I used the "Chris Attig-Veterans' Log Blog Method" to a T and covered all bases . . . then his claim was a no-brainer. This is strictly an opinion. Keep us posted and what you decide! I wish you luck either way!
  2. Thanks for the input! After speaking with someone at my VARO, it looks like the RAMP program is working on the oldest appeals first . . . which is fair. It will slowly become more and more available until it is fully launched in February 2019. I will be happy to update on this wonderful site as I find new info. I also heard of a new program that is being launched today . . .I will post about that too. (hopefully the training for VSOs will improve if you are required to use one to be part of this program.) VA Decision Ready Claims Program Expands to Include More Types of Claims WASHINGTON — As part of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) ongoing efforts to modernize and improve Veterans’ experience with the disability claims process, VA unveiled its latest enhancements to the Decision Ready Claims (DRC) program, which will expand the pool of Veterans, surviving spouses and service members eligible to participate in the program. “These enhancements are another key step in modernizing VA’s benefits delivery to Veterans to a fully digital operating environment,” said VA Secretary Dr. David J. Shulkin. “With electronic claims processing as a foundation, VA’s innovation will improve service to Veterans, their families and survivors.” In addition to claims for increased disability compensation (commonly known as claims for increase), Veterans will now be able to file certain claims for direct service connection, presumptive service connection and secondary service connection. Additionally, surviving spouses will be able to file certain claims for Dependency and Indemnity Compensation, and transitioning service members will be able to file pre-discharge claims less than 90 days from leaving the military. Veterans who choose to submit their claim under DRC can expect to receive a decision within 30 days from the time VA receives the claim. To file under DRC, Veterans must work with an accredited Veteran Service Organization (VSO) representative, who will ensure all supporting evidence — such as medical exams, military service records, etc. — is included with the claim submission. This advance preparation by the VSOs allows claims to be assigned immediately to claims processors for a quick decision. In the future, VA aims to expand the DRC program, where possible, to ensure more Veterans can get faster decisions on their claims. For more information about DRC or to find an accredited VSO representative, visit https://www.benefits.va.gov/compensation/DRC.asp. ###
  3. Hi Everyone, My dad was awarded 100% in April 2016 and I submitted a NOD in August 2016 to appeal the effective date. According to the VA website, the RAMP program will "invite" those who are currently in the appeals process. Has anyone on here been asked to participate? Thanks, Beth
  4. CUE? Not using SMR?

    I'm trying to piece together every decision and the docs from the c-file. I cannot for the life of me find the evidence listed as "treatment records from VAMC dated Sept 2003 and received 10-23-03. Are they required to have the actual document/documents in the c-file as evidence? Also, there certainly were more progress notes about the foot conditions outside of Sept 2003. Would they have been required to get all records on condition from the VAMC? Thanks as usual!
  5. CUE? Not using SMR?

    He had 3 0% disabilities that were combined to make the 10%. I guess that ended when he was awarded 30% PTSD IN 2003.
  6. CUE? Not using SMR?

    I never even noticed that! There is a mention of "VAR 1324 will be applied in this case."
  7. CUE? Not using SMR?

    I love it AskNod. Thanks for the input!!! I will talk to him about it today. I do appreciate the time you all put in to give us advice. It's priceless.
  8. CUE? Not using SMR?

    202004 Decision.pdf03 has problems of its own...I guess there was enough evidence through the VAMC to reopen claim for feet. (I'm not concerned about hearing right now). He was given an exam, it was favorable but there was no mention of a direct service connection using the words less likely than more likely than.., it sounded to me like it was an exam for an increase. So I went back to the exam request and sure enough, it was for an increase. He was denied because it was nit connected to service. Ugh. Thoughts? 2004 Decision Exam (redacted).pdf
  9. CUE? Not using SMR?

    I agree, this EED option is not looking promising. I think he thought his letter dated 11/26/96 stating he was seen as the VA for his feet was his evidence, however he did not send in anything from his primary DR at the time. From 1996-present day he is seen by his PCP at the VA. He was seen in December too/the dr injected his Achilles. I would think if they used the medical evidence at the VA it would definitely be N and M since it shows a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis in 1996. (Under the same code as pes planus). They did request records from the VA from 1101/96 to 12/26/96. There would have been relevant evidence in there that was not in front of adjudicator in 1983.
  10. CUE? Not using SMR?

    Now onto the 1996 claim... The foot disability claim needed to be reopened with N and M evidence See the attachments he feel that he had N and M evidence with the Nov 20 exam and then if they looked at the VAMC notes that they requested, they would have seen even more visit, including a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis. However, it looks like they only used through 11-20-96 as evidence. 1996 Claim.pdf
  11. CUE? Not using SMR?

    Decision 1983.pdf
  12. CUE? Not using SMR?

    1983 Claim with Exam.pdf
  13. CUE? Not using SMR?

    Ms. Berta and others- I read the entire C-File over the weekend page by page. There were over 2332 pages and I cannot stress enough the importance of getting your C file in looking through it. A lot of your answers can be found in there. I do think that the SMRs were used in the 1983 decision. There were a few of these clinic visits noted on the decision letter. However I think the problem lies with the 1983 exam for his feet. He specifically claimed constant pain in his feet, knees, and ankles in 1983. The exam that was given at the VA examined his knees and his ankles and took x-rays of both. Both came back normal. There is no mention of an exam for his feet. However the decision stated that the problems with his feet were acute and transitory because they did not show up on exam. However, I don't think his feet were ever examined per the medical examination reports. I do not think the VA was required at the time of this decision to do any kind of exam whatsoever. So I doubt I have much of a case on that. Any thoughts?
  14. CUE? Not using SMR?

    I really need to research what medical info they had at the time of the 1983 decision. I don't want to waste your time before I have my ducks in a row. I
  15. CUE? Not using SMR?

    No ma'am. He claimed it in 2003 and rated at 30%. I just requested an increase for him on this past claim. I just noticed how his symptoms had gotten worse since 2003 while I was working on the plantar fasciitis. He was granted 70%.