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  1. I filed for my wife to be added to my benefits 28Oct2014, we were married 18Oct2014. The ebenefits website indicates it might take until August 2017 to approve the request to add my wife. I was told this is normal by the DAV. I asked the DAV for help but they would only confirm that the claim was "pending" in the system. This isn't the first time the VA has had to add a wife for me. The first time only took 10 mins. Today I was told by the VA Rep that everything was in order and it has been taking longer to add dependent wives since Congress told the VA 4 years ago that they needed to improve the process and make it faster. Well I guess they have. Now it takes 2 years to do what it used to take 10 mins. So apparently the VA is lying again. The VA asked for my divorce papers and her divorce papers. They have had the papers for over a year. If the VA is deferring the dependency claims it would certainly make the initial claims look great. But what about all veterans. All claims are important to us. Especially when it concerns money to support the pack. Anybody else with this problem?

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