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  1. Hey everyone, my husband's ratings were adjusted in September of 2014 to 100% as well as a "proposed incompetency" claim. Once he received this letter, he scheduled an appointment for a neuropathy exam, he had one a few months earlier that found no issues with his competency, VA said they could not use that one and the soonest he could schedule a new neuropathy exam would be August 7, 2015. My husband contacted his DAV in St. Petersburg, Fl, front receptionist says "she's busy, leave your name and number." No call back, he called everyday to this day, never a call back. He even asks if they have his number correct, they do, he told her that he'll wait on the phone until she's available, the receptionist gives a "whatever, find somebody else to help you, we help our own first not people with white priveledges" & hung up. Seriously? Way to be professional ma'am. So, no help from DAV, countless calls to VA. We had our youngest son August 1, 2015, the neuropathy test was being held in Pensacola, Fl, 2 hours from us, the office calls my husband the 3rd and says your wife must be present to give a statement to the doctor, he explains we just had a baby, could I write one and send it with him, "No, she must be present." So, I ride the 2 hours one way with a newborn and husband. The doctor performs the testing in another room as I wait in the waiting room, comes out and ask me to make a statement and answer a questionaire. I did, the doctor said he's competent, he's far from incompetent, how he's seeing more and more incompetency cases on veterans with TBIs. The doctor said he would upload the forms to ebenefits within a few hours, if we'd like to go to lunch and come back, he'll upload them with us there. He did. The VA confirms they received them 2 weeks later. My husband begins calling, his incompetency case completely disappeared from ebenefits, he's assuming they have all they need, right? Constantly the same generic, they're working on it. So, in October my husband was told by a local vfw to submit a congressional, he did, that's where the problems began. After calling everyday, receiving a letter that says VA is working on it at a "timely manner". One day, a VA representative said his case is done, it's sitting at St.Petersburg waiting for them, no awards letter printed, the rep didn't understand why not. She put in an inquiry for St.Petersburg to respond to, said it'll take 7-10 days. 10 days later, my husband calls back, another representative goes through all of the notes and says it appears they were working on his case until the Congressional and they completely stopped. She put in an inquiry to St.Petersburg, another 7-10 days. Another 10 days goes by, nothing, husband calls the VA again, this representative says the case is done, an award letter needs to be printed and mailed to us, she doesn't understand why St.Petersburg is not responding, she puts in a request for a Supervisor to call within 24 hours, No call. Last week, my husband calls the VA again, the representative now says that they are now waiting for an appeal that was put in as him requesting one by St. Petersburg on November 15, 2015 and how long it could take. My husband told her he never requested an appeal nor has he ever been able to get into contact with anyone at St. Petersburg, she says shes seen St. Petersburg do this before when they dont finish a case within a certain amount of time to cover their tracks. Thats crazy that someone can do this, he told her to put in he absolutely does not want an appeal, why would he request an appeal when his neuropathy test states he was competent and in October of 2015 he was told the case was done?!? What can we do now? My husband needs the retroactive backpay to pay doctors bills and a braces bill that the insurance has not covered, he was making payments as it is $13,000 total but, the judge ordered to now be paid in full. Thanks guys, sorry it's so long.

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