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  1. Congratulations on your win and please continue to fight. I agree that the MST claims are handled differently just from what I have experienced and from what I have read. Have you attended a MST support group in your area? My therapist lightly suggested I do that and when I called my local VA the individual didn't seem to really have much information. I'm not ready to talk about my story in detail to strangers but not sure how those support groups are run. Thank you for your service and your continued service through helping everyone on this forum. Like you if anyone needs help on a MST claim I can help with little bit of information that I have. God Bless.
  2. Yes Ma'am, thank you for reposting. I'm sorry that your family and daughter went through a very challenging time during 9/11. Thank her for her service as well. Yes ma'am, my husband is VERY supportive. It's draining though for everyone and I hope one day I can feel a little better and just learn to overcome everything. I wish it would go away but I know that will never happen. Thank you for your assistance on this site. You are extremely knowledgeable and helpful ! God Bless!
  3. Congratulations on your win. :-)
  4. I accidentally deleted my original posts and apologize for that. I was trying to respond to rwoods 4? who had a question about the timeline of how long it took my claim to be finalized. I will retype my original posts real quick. My apologies. My claim was for PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia caused my MST and the VA combined all of these under PTSD. My rating came back service connected at 70%. I'm satisfied with this rating and now I'm on continuing on the road to recovery which has been a very rough ride the last 10 years. In my original post my advice was to make sure that you track down all of the records and information for the VA to have as that is what I did because I wanted to make sure they got all of the records and background information that they needed. It was a lot of work and I had to keep calling prior therapists, hospitals, and previous bases to get the right information which made me learn patience. Also, the C&P exam was a very huge trigger for me. I had and have had many panic attacks and unfortunately it's been a huge challenge. I have had a hard time overcoming going over specific details, but I know they have to have all of the information available to do their jobs and know how it affects me now. My only other advice is to make sure you try and stick to the questions that the examiner asks and very much be yourself. I couldn't be anything but myself as my anxiety and lack of focus took over the entire exam. My exam was done over the holidays and was completed around the second week of January of this year. I hope this helps and thanks all that responded previously with congrats and well wishes to recieve the proper therapy that will help me be happy in life. Thank you all for your service, continued service to veterans or one another, and God BLess. P.S. How do you like someone elses post? LOL I couldn't find out how to do that?
  5. I'm new here but figured I could give my 2 cents. Like others have mentioned, be prepared to give detailed information about the trauma that happened and how it affects you in your day to day life. Definitely, how your worst day is. Don't get into too much of the unrelated family or personal details if it doesn't relate to your claim. Your examiner will ask you many questions related to the trauma and questions about how you view life, to assess if you are depressed/paranoid etc. My focus is way off and I had a hard time keeping it together but my examiner was extremely understanding and gave me time to get it together. I too had a female examiner and she was very nice and tried to calm me down throughout the whole process. I was very emotional as mentally I wasn't ready to relive some of the details again. I pray your exam goes well for you tomorrow.
  6. Thank you and God Bless as well. So it would be in my best interest to change over from my Tricare psychiatrist to a VA psychiatrist? Are they better than outside since they work with veterans and PTSD more so than the outside. My current psychiatrist is very good with me so not sure i how to proceed. Thanks for the heads up and Thank you for your service and your continued assistance to veterans.
  7. Thanks for sharing your experience and I'm sorry that you have been through a rough time in life. I will heed your advice and ensure that I update on every system I can think of AND go into a local VA to update my information. Like I stated in another post the moves make it difficult as it is but there's nothing I can do about that and I would never want my husband to feel bad for his career choice. (active duty means lots of changes and lots of moving for his career). I do want to get better. I'm glad I found a great psychiatrist through Tricare because I"ve had plenty of experiences where I either didn't feel safe or feel like it was effective. I for so long buried the event and pretended like it never happened and over the years feel myself going crazy because I have a constant battle in my mind trying to block out feelings or other related memories. I would say the last 5 years have been horrible and seem to be getting worse even though I have so much to be grateful for. My husband says I just can't see it. I just wish there was something to take it away but I know that's not realistic. I want my family relationships to be better. I've been in a constant rotation of good, really good, bad, horrible. I continue to seek out treatment or meds , or whatever can help me. Thanks for responding and thanks for your military service.
  8. Thanks for responding and providing information. I didn't realize that their systems (VAMC and VBA) didn't communicate with each other. I will make sure to keep both systems updated. The moves make it challenging on all ends but I understand its part of the life. Once he retires it will be better for us all. Thanks for your service and thanks for responding.
  9. Thanks for responding. It makes more sense now and I will make sure to keep my address updated at all times. Yes, I like my psychiatrist and it's been a very long hard road finding one that I feel comfortable with. I want to keep seeing her as long as I can or until we move. Thanks!!
  10. Hi everyone, I just received my BBE today that explains everything that applies to my claim in relation to PTSD. It was very favorable at 70%. I do still have a couple of questions. -how often are the evaluations or re evaluations? The information didn't include a time frame but only stated a section about conditions that affect a veterans right to payment. It says" your award of disability compensation is subject to future adjustment upon receipt of evidence showing a change in the degree of disability". then goes onto to say other things that affect it such as going back into service, receiving retirement pay, opm pay, or being activated into the guard but nothing about the timeline of future exams. Is it just random dates that they decide? -Do I have to get VA Mental health care or can I continue with the providers that I already have? - My spouse is active duty and we will move frequently. What happens if we move overseas? That's all I have for now. I did try a search for these questions but couldn't find anything. My apologies if this seems redundant. Thanks all for your help.
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