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  1. texboyer

    Proposed Reduction

    C&P was 19 Oct 2015. Received proposed reduction on December 17 2015. You can't NOD a proposed reduction, only ask for a hearing.
  2. I recently attended a C&P Exam after requesting an increase for Post Lumbar Laminectomy rating of 40%. The examiner could not access my records due to a computer glitch, and refused to review any information I brought with me. I could not perform the forward flexion exam and so she simply wrote it up as 70* (which is impossible for me to achieve). She also answered "No Response" for the question regarding whether I walk with an assistive device (I walk with a VA issued cane) and whether I had debilitating episodes (I was bed ridden for 3 months last year and not allowed to drive or go to work). This triggered a Proposal for Reduction from 40% to 10% for my lumbar condition. They tell me that I must request a hearing to prevent this reduction. I have NO idea how to respond or how to prepare for a Proposed Reduction Hearing. I assume I must request a Hearing, but how do I fight this as it is an obvious issue of a problem with the examiner. She was an NP, by the way.

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