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  1. Not sure I follow that Master Chief...
  2. OK, so I received notice that my claim was approved and I'm at 80% now. I saw the update in EBenefits 9 Sept. I got the increased amount 1 Oct. My question is, when and how does the back pay workout? My "Intent to File" was last April. I've searched here and other sources and see conflicting answers. Thank you
  3. Just got the results on Monday (12 Sept). Have not received the letter but saw the results on Ebenefits. I checked the blue button and it shows "being updated" so I'll wait a few days and check again.
  4. Just saw the results of my claim in Ebenefits. I originally had 10% for my back. It read "degenerative disc and joint disease, status post discectomy with fusion, thoracolumbar spine (formerly lumbar disc disease) 10%. Now there is a second line that reads "degenerative disc and joint disease, status post discectomy with fusion, thoracolumbar spine (previously rated as intervertebral disc syndrome, thoracolumbar spine (formerly lumbar disc disease)) 20%. These are almost the same. So how do you interpret this? Is it now a total of 30% or do they mean "from 10% to 20%". Thanks
  5. Is that on "My HealtheVet.Com"?? And I'm guessing it takes awhile for the record to show up right???
  6. I had my C & P last month. I asked the Docs office if I could have a copy of his report and they said they can't do it. So I asked my VSO is there was an easier (faster) way of getting it from the VA and he said "The exam is part of your VA files. You must request it in writing (as an FOIA request). Unfortunately, it's not a quick turn-around. There has got to be a fast way. Any suggestions??? Thanks
  7. A bit confused on something though...Vync said "In addition, you might consider secondary conditions, but for those you would need a doctor to opine in your favor stating the new condition is caused by your current SC conditions. You typically cannot go back 12 months from the date you file for secondary conditions because they are considered new claims, but you can submit an Intent to File. Now I have submitted an Intent to File but are we talking 2 different processes here? The back problem (already rated) is now worse which I would think is "requesting an increase". Then the nerve issue which I did not have before would be a secondary condition and a "new" claim. Or is it one claim to file???
  8. Lower back. Got the 10% when I retired in 2005 and the fusion just before my first re-eval at the va in 2010 L5-S1....still 10%. Said I was lucky they didn't cut it all together. Now discs above and below are gone and the nerves are effected on both sides.
  9. Vync and Pwrslm, Just a quick update...I finally got a diagnosis. The Dr. will not fill out the DBQ (how sad is that?) so I guess that means I have to rely on the VA doctor to do the right thing. Anyway it's no longer just cervical disc disease 10% . I can now add with foraminal stenosis bilaterally and Instability and Sacroilitiis and Lumbar Radiculopathy and lower back pain. At least that is what my civ doctor has entered into my record. I've requested all my AD medical records and have submitted a "intent to file". So my question is...how much of an impact will him not doing the DBQ have on my chances???? Oh, and also. Since my original claim was for my back and not anything to do with nerves, would that be a new file or a request to reevaluate my original claim? thanks
  10. Around Jan 16 I got some great advise from VINC and pwrslm on starting the process for a disability claim to increase for DDD. The doc is working the DBQ now but I came across something in my research. "adjacent segment disease after lumbar fusion" My doctor believes that it is common for adjacent disks to be damaged as a result of a fusion. I'm wondering if that is a secondary finding to an already SC disability. Has anyone ever seen or tried this route? Thanks
  11. Amen to that. Really need to do some research on IVDS. I've been told several different diagnosis, to include DDD. So this is a thin line to walk. Got 10% after the first fusion. With 2 more on the horizon and 10 times the pain it shocks me that it means nothing to the VA. But I guess it shouldn't.
  12. After reading all the great info from Vync I think you're right. I defiantly feel your pain (bad pun). You would think living daily with that kind of pain would mean something. But I'm going to ask my doc to do the questionaire and deside what to do from there. You guys are the best. Thanks
  13. Just a quick question if you please. I am currently receiving a total of 60% VA disability. 10% of which is due to a back injury during active service. I've had a spinal fusion and 4 years later the discs above and below have now blown and causing back and nerve pain. My surgeon has said this is not uncommon with a fusion. Your spine is not meant to be held in place like that. I was considering submitting for an increase of the 10%. Is that valid? I'm wondering if the VA would just deny the claim siting the condition is worse because of the surgery and not the original injury.

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