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  1. Berta and Andyman, that is good advice. Simply_me, you said twice that the RO (Restraining Order) doesn't work and I can tell you that is not true. I am a police officer and I have gone to a persons house in California and arrested them for violating an order from outside the county or state. Beside, as time goes on, if he has to go to court for any kind of claim on his benefits by her, the restraining order, any police reports, text messages, nasty emails will go directly against her in any kind of civil litigation and in some cases could be used as evidence in a criminal proceeding in some states (every state has rules of evidence). Point is, you should be documenting ANY negative contact with her. The paper work trail can only help instead of hurt. It goes to his credibility and to her lack of credibility. if you want to help him you should be documenting everything and let her hang herself, just sit back and feed her the rope...
  2. Funny, I was awarded March 22, had my first VA Dr appt, April 14. I did the "in person authentication", got my ID ordered while I was there. Everything has been honkey dory except the "secure messaging" doesn't work. I have given it all this time but it never started. I even got and email saying welcome to secure messaging, but no joy. I went to the VARO yesterday because I was bored and went to the desk that does the authentication and the supervisor said the email system has been down VA wide. She tried to send a message to her contact to fix it and told me to give it 7 days. Dunno if it's related but that's my two...
  3. IF you were able to use the homeless problem to get you on the "expedited" pile, you should not have to wait more than a few months. expedited does exist, for Medal of Honor winners, terminal cancer patients and homeless vets. IF you have a NSO or VSO then they should ask for this for you when submitting your claim. IF you are flying solo then you should make this clear when you submit the claim. I was expedited and from denial to approval was 6 months? That's including the DRO review. I cannot speak to your claim since your medical condition is not in my wheel house, but I hope that partially answers your question.
  4. MCCFR97

    Closure, well kind of.....

    Yut....That's Jar for congrats! I love happy endings!
  5. MCCFR97

    Kidney Problems

    Yes I have kidney failure, stage 3, GFR 36 and a creatinine of 1.9. It was the first sign of cancer and all successfully tied to my exposure to flight line hazards (benzene, TCE's and JP's) and from burning said hazards in a burn pit x2 a week for 6 years (91-97). I was denied but successful with N&M evidence, no DRO....
  6. MCCFR97

    Success and Regret

    Hey Devil Dog, your making complete sense on a message board! Any chance you can use technology that way to get your point across to the VA rep? I don't know, I'm not the brightest bulb in the house but seems to me you could use a IPad or the likes to either type out responses or even have some pre-text sentences for quick responses to common questions? Then if they ask you a question just pull up the answer you want? I would think if you have the aptitude to put your thoughts on a screen then clearly your brain housing group is 10-4? just a thought.....
  7. Learning my way around the VA medical system and getting my feet wet after my recent decision. So far I have been getting B+ service. My question is this. I went to the VARO two days ago and did a face to face meeting with a information officer, which I also took to be the "Authentication" I needed to do in order to get the "P" on my healthevet and be able to begin to do such things as view an upcoming appointment. While at this meeting, I signed various papers and an initial appointment was made to meet my primary care Dr, and get me going. The appointment is for 4/14. The information officer told me when I come back in the 14th, I should come a little early so he can take my picture for my VA ID card that will be sent to me at a later time. During this conversation he told me the computer for healthevet/ebenefits takes about 24 hours to update. When I got home that night and logged onto ebenefits I could see a minor mistake about about my wife's DOB had been fixed, I mentioned this at the meeting earlier with the information officer and he said he fixed it. When I switched over and went into my healthevet I see I am still at an "A" level (advanced). I know the information officer said 24 hours, but it has now been 48. I'm certainly not on pins and needles and it's not life threatening, it's just general housekeeping and checking things are coming together as I double check changes or benefits are in place with my recent rating. How long has anyone else seen this take? I guess if it is not a P by the day of the Dr's appt I should just tell the information officer and see if he forgot to enter a key? thanks in advance for the responses, Yut..
  8. Boy o boy, sounds like the peace corps was a dangerous place. I never experienced anything like that in the Marines. We had a simple 13 week meditation retreat in South Carolina. We had water activities, lots of beach activities (no ocean) and we even went on a camping trip once next to an abandon airfield. We held hands and sang songs together and the rivers ran with chocolate with gummy bears falling from the sky. Never anything like you guys are explaining. And that full metal jacket movie paints a negative picture of the Marines. DI's are nothing like that (Maybe in the Army or Navy) but not in the Suck....Sorry Marines. 3rd Bn India PI was skate, private rooms, no squad bays and all the bathrooms had clean STALLS around every camode. If your thinking of enlisting I highly recommend. ? My nephew joined the Corps and asked me what it was like, so I got him the movies, in the Army now, Stripes and Tank Girl. I figure shit got real after passing the MP shack for the long ride into PI. I think shock and awe works well with yellow footprints, plus it builds character.....he figured it out.... Sorry, my attempt at humor, I'll crawl back under my rock now... Semper
  9. When I did mine a couple months back I made that box short and to the point. "I feel the VA is wrong denying my claim for cancer and this is based on my contact with chemicals in the Marines, specifically benzene and TCE's. And that was it. I also included a more detailed statement with my N&M (SA). i also included the checked the box if the regional office wanted to call me, but they never did. When I won my claim I just got a call at 0730 from the DAV saying I was good and my claim was approved. Never even saw a DRO. So if they want to call because the have questions then fine, otherwise I believe it says if the DRO needs more evidence or has questions he MAY have a hearing. Doesn't mean it's going to happen and in my case that was not such a bad thing. What are you claiming? there are others on here that are way more knowledgeable than me so I'm sure they will chime in. I can only speak from my own experience.
  10. Burn pits at Pendleton 91-95, Iwakuni 95-96 and I actually ran the pits at 29 stumps from 96-97.
  11. Thank you all for the wishes. Right on time, for the letter yesterday and the retro hit this morning. It give me something to do, today I guess I'll get my DV plates and head over to the base and get my family our cards....I'm more happy for my son. It's a relief
  12. I jumped off the board while I worked on preparing for my DRO hearing, this board can stress me out at times. Here's my timeline 10/2015- applied for VA benefits based on stage 3 MM/ caused by chemicals (benzene/TCE's) I am NOT qualified under Camp Lejune/ Vietnam AO or Radiation. 12/2015- recieved denial from VA 2/2016- turned in N&M along with a DR nexus (I did NOT pay for, it's from my treating oncologist) 3/12/2016- recieved letter of DRO hearing on 3/22. 3/22/2016- DAV Rep called me at 0730 said he got a call from the DRO who told him I do NOT need to bother coming in for a hearing, my evidence was overwhelming and he had already approved my claim. 3/23/2016- ebennies changed last night, shows I have no "claims in progress" and it is now in Historical Claims, shows a descision made and talks about verifying my dependants. I saw the letter that is coming in the mail. 6 months from application to approval. It is possible to connect the two but you really have to have your gear wired tight. My Hadit mentor was/is Gastone. He has been a good friend and a wealth of knowledge. If it had not been for the little things, like making my statements Sworn Affidavits etc I'm not sure my stuff would have looked as good as it did. Good enough where they balked before the hearing. I post this for my burn pit cancer vets, you can win if your outside all these presumptive time lines, just follow the science and talk to your oncologist, once I explained what a nexus letter was she was more than willing to help. Thank you hadit for the board, and thank you Gastone for your help, friendship and ear for all those times I bitched. And finally props to the DAV my VSO, he did me right he actually studied up on my disease so he knew what was up. Thank you! And the VARO, I have read horor stories about the VA. I'm a boot, this is my first and only claim. I was really flying blind but the VARO was fast, attentive and they really did good service, faster than SSDI. So you won't hear this often but thank you VA and DAV, this is a feather in your cap. Semper Fi
  13. No, the TBI is whole different thing, but Multiple Myleloma is a bone cancer and while fixing the cancer they find my neck is screwed (years of sucking up neck and arm pain) from something different
  14. Asknod, I can clearly see everyone's point of view, and completely understand precedence and that it will not be weighted in their descision. They will not accept it. But what I love about the VA, is the allowance of loose evidence rules. They accept buddy statements and give them weight (as long as they are done properly) and what the buddy's can state is pretty liberal. This is my thinking.......soon, (allegedly) I will be contacted and see a DRO and I will have my fave to face (allegedly). That is my one chance to sit with a live humanbeing and plead my case. No,this previous flight line benzene stage three MM in the years of 90-92 descision out of the VARO I'm currently dealing with will be accepted or cited in the review ..I'm willing to bet they at least give it a glance, plus my IMO, Buddy Statements, pictures....I think even in a clear mind I'm showing a jump ball but it should go to me. But I could be wrong. Today it's just buddy statements.....I'm still sick and crabby

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