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  1. Veterans are eligible if they: Have received a discharge that is other than dishonorable Have a service-connected disability rating of at least 10% from VA Apply for VR&E services Basic period of Eligibility The basic period of eligibility ends 12 years from the date of notification of one of the following: Date of separation from active military service, or Date the veteran was first notified by VA of a service-connected disability rating. The basic period of eligibility may be extended if a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (VRC) determines that a Veteran has a Serious Employment Handicap I need help. Above are the qualifications that I pulled off of e-benefits on the VA website. I was told by my adviser that my income played a part in voc rehab eligibility. I actually had to bring in my income tax form but when I look at the eligibility requirement no where in the requirements do I see were eligibility is based on income. Can someone tell me if income plays a part or if I am getting the run around?

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