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  1. Thanks for your reply Chris, I appreciate it. I held out hope for a long time that I would be able to get your help. I would have appreciated it if you had someone with your firm had let me know you had reviewed my situation after I submitted the requested paperwork. Instead over 6 months of my time was spent flapping in the breeze for no good reason, other than no one in your practice saw benefit to both parties if there had simply been an email advising me that you didn't want my case. Hard to believe that a fellow vet didn't see the value of communicating that fact. It's a pissed to know that y'all did that and it served no benefit to anyone. Even the DAV and the VA eventually communicate. Thanks again for what you do to help veterans.
  2. Mr. Attig, I appreciate and understand, now, your position and practices. I have been a premium member of VLB for about 6 months until my recent cancellation. I do understand that VLB is not a law firm, though I did contact your practice via your website. Numerous time I attempted to communication and never got a callback, or email. If you don't want to communicate with callers, you should not have a voice mail box for folks to leave you a message that you won't listen or respond to. As you are seeking a certain type of case or cases, it us puzzling that you don't share that information upfront on either VLB or Attig & Steel websites. It will save you money on bandwidth and not waste the time of folks who wait months to hear back from you or your staff. This information would have saved me about 6 months time, waiting to hear from your firm. One of the worst things you can do is waste the time of folks who come to you for help, when due to your guidelines, with no chance of receiving your excellent help. IF, you are getting many requests for help that don't fit your criteria, we all lose when we are left hanging. A simple email response stating your parameters would alleviate unnecessary loss of time for those of us desperately seeking help. Mr. Attig, I and many others have tremendous respect for you and your mission and we thank you for it. I wish there were more lawyers with your knowledge and passion for helping veterans, and we'd LOVE to see you get rich. Respectfully, you need to be more clear on A&S website and when someone needs help you can't give, stop the practice of leaving them flapping in the breeze. If you can, duplicate yourself with other attorneys around the country. Thanks for all that you do to help disabled veterans.
  3. Thanks for the input Gastone. Of course I didn't expect to call Chris Attig's phone and have him answer the phone call, duh. I did however leave more than one message in his voice mail box, because that was an option they presented. I did that after not receiving responses from his staff at leat 6 or 7 times. I also utilized his website, VLB numerous times as well as, email. I guess he has so much business, he doesn't want any more, or simply can't take care of the clients he already has. I don't really know and as I said in a previous post, if I have to beg someone AND pay them too, well, not in my interest to do business under those conditions. I wish good things for Chris Attig and his clients. He would help himself by requiring more professionalism by his staff, and if they simply can't handle the volume of inquiries he is getting from Veterans, hire more staff. Thank you for helping other vets. I agree with your conclusion about VSO's. I love and greatly appreciate the local volunteers, but the paid staff, not so much.
  4. I too was very impressed with Chris Attig and had become a premium member of VLB and bought some ebooks. I still don't understand why even after repeatedly calling, leaving messages, even on Chris Attig's extension, I never heard back. I had been turned down by the VA after submitting claims that included Major Depression (which was diagnosed on active duty), Severe Anxiety, Sleep Apnea, BPPV, AND MORE. The VA claimed that there was no service connection for Depression and went on to say that it was part of a personality, (not diagnosed by anyone, ever), and therefore, I was doubly out of luck. Their response was sent back to me less than 90 days after the filing. (That seems to be a way to clear the backlog, just turn them down.) I had the help of the DAV in NC, but they only had 2 people doing claims for the entire state, in the state office in Winston-Salem NC. Co-located in the VA building, using the VA phone and email system no less. Sorry, but that smells fishy to me. The DAV volunteer who helped me with my claim was cracker jack though. The DAV in W-S, not so much. I still can't understand why no response from Chris Attig. At least the VA & DAV return phone calls. It may take 2 or 3 months but they would get back to me. If I have to beg someone for help AND pay them too, maybe I dodged a a bullet.
  5. I have bought several ebooks from Chris Attig and I believe he knows his stuff and actually cares. Tried to hire him, but after 5 or 6 attempts at contact with him or his staff, I never heard back. An attorney is only as good as his support staff. Damn shame that I couldn't get follow up from them. I don't need another group or person to ignore me or my attempts to get help, the DAV and the VA already do that.

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