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  1. So before I write a book I want to say bear with me all I'm very stress out my anxiety is thru the roof and I'm scared. I need help I'm going thru a medical board and have several conditions but I got my NARSURM back and was told the ones that say NO MEDICAL BASIS. I can not get a rating for has anyone heated of this or seen this because what blows my mind is one of the conditions is for my back and I have a profile and been going to physical therapy a other thing that upsets me while I got my QTC done C&P exams they found out I do have lost of hearing but our telling me I can not claim that on the Army side because I never complained about it while on active duty but they test me and found this??? They told me the VA won't give me a rating either why not I do not understand that any help please a other thing I have lost of smell also and taste but can not get a rating for that because they said I never complain about that either but during my C&P it's listed that I do have those conditions they told me I can not complain it with VA either any inside to this please this make no sense to me mind you I never ask to get hit by a IED I never ask to have PTSD and there combining 5 mental health conditions into one condition and listing them all as PTSD is that normal I'm so stress and my PEBLO is not helpful this base is horrible I have done 6 deployments and the longest one was 17 months I as a soldier never complain because I wanted to retire I'm very close but because I broke down I'm paying the price now and having to do a medical board and not going to be rated for things that I did not have when I join and they told me I can not claim them after either any advice would be wonderful. The issues that bother me is what is NO MEDICAL BASIS mean???

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