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  1. So before I write a book I want to say bear with me all I'm very stress out my anxiety is thru the roof and I'm scared. I need help I'm going thru a medical board and have several conditions but I got my NARSURM back and was told the ones that say NO MEDICAL BASIS. I can not get a rating for has anyone heated of this or seen this because what blows my mind is one of the conditions is for my back and I have a profile and been going to physical therapy a other thing that upsets me while I got my QTC done C&P exams they found out I do have lost of hearing but our telling me I can not claim that on the Army side because I never complained about it while on active duty but they test me and found this??? They told me the VA won't give me a rating either why not I do not understand that any help please a other thing I have lost of smell also and taste but can not get a rating for that because they said I never complain about that either but during my C&P it's listed that I do have those conditions they told me I can not complain it with VA either any inside to this please this make no sense to me mind you I never ask to get hit by a IED I never ask to have PTSD and there combining 5 mental health conditions into one condition and listing them all as PTSD is that normal I'm so stress and my PEBLO is not helpful this base is horrible I have done 6 deployments and the longest one was 17 months I as a soldier never complain because I wanted to retire I'm very close but because I broke down I'm paying the price now and having to do a medical board and not going to be rated for things that I did not have when I join and they told me I can not claim them after either any advice would be wonderful. The issues that bother me is what is NO MEDICAL BASIS mean???
  2. NoFace

    Feeling HOPELESS

    Thank you all for responding thank you I am aka this early am going to finally for the 1st time in my WHOLE ENTIRE MILITARY CAREER go to SICK CALL I have never done it never in 17 years but I am sick my head has been killing me. Im sick of taking all these pills. Im sick I need help and I will be looking into a ATTORNEY also and I'm thinking of getting into with my CONGRESS whoever else all I can say this military base FORT STEWART GEORGIA already has several malpractice lawsuits on them and several have won so that tells you how bad the medical care is here. That was within the last 3 years you can google the WINN ARMY HOSPITAL and you will find it. Thank you all Im going to do my best to fight Im not even sleeping I can not sleep
  3. NoFace

    Feeling HOPELESS

    So Im still ACTIVE DUTY but do not know how much longer. I will say this. I have been in for a totally of 17 years and got told 10 days before Christmas that. I'm getting QMP because of a NCOR that. I got when. I was in Afghanistan back in 2013 now. Im getting told that. I will get kicked out of the army and no benefits no retirement nothing and. I will get a kick in the face. I am a E-6 was suppose to get my E7 but won't be seeing that and I did get hit by a IED back in 2008 and I have PTSD that is document all through out my medical records. I have 6 deployments under my belt. I submitted all of my papers for my QMP board that meets in July of 2016 I believe that will decide if I can stay in or not. I'm scared to death. I have a wife that needs the medical that Tricare offers she has cancers and there is nothing. I can do. I as a SOLDIER am scared. I also have been demanding for them to do a TBI test on me they started then they stop because I got station somewhere else. I have been so stress out not sleeping. I went to the mental health doctor here and they increased all of my medication that. I currently am taking. I ask to be transfer to a different unit because. I feel like. Im in a hostile environment they told me no mind you this in a text message. sorry everyone for making this my first post but. I am scared as a solider anyways. I was told by someone there is a thing called BENEFITS BEFORE DISCHARGE that. I can start planning for also someone told me that. I really should be getting a meb board but here on this military post that. I am at they do not care and neither does my unit they already told me they do not care. I truly am stress to the max and feel all alone. Thank you for reading.

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