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  1. C and P exam

    Thanks, I will keep you posted.
  2. C and P exam

    Thank you
  3. C and P exam

    I was hurt in Germany in 1984 my medical records indicate i should of had knee surgery back then but I didn't .
  4. C and P exam

    Thanks again I greatly appreciate your time and help.
  5. C and P exam

    I apologize for that but this is new to me it's a new claim.if more information is needed just let me know like I said this is all new to me.
  6. C and P exam

    Thanks, I guess my question should of been I does the board rate 50 ROM on the left knee.
  7. C and P exam

    C and p exam was done on my left knee.
  8. C and P exam

    Left knee
  9. C and P exam

    I took a c and p exam today on my left knee and was told I have 50 percent ROM what happens next?