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  1. I have a disability rating of 50% right now and have a video conference set Feb 2. Migraine headaches-not service connected severe degenerative joint disease, right shoulder with instability 20%-service connected right arm condition-not service connected right elbow condition-not service connected mild degenerative joint disease , left shoulder with impingement syndrome 20%-service connected sinus problem-not service connected left ankle condition 10%-service connected gastroesophageal reflux disease 0%-service connected I am in constant pain with my shoulders with limited rotation and my shoulders pop like popcorn most of the time. I appealed the rating and I am just getting to a video conference. My claim was filed back in 2009. My pain level is at a 5 at all times and jumps to 10 when aggravate my shoulders with anything that I do. I am employed but aggravate my shoulders with doing my duties and everyday activities such as dressing myself and even taking showers. Any suggestions in how to proceed? Thanks in advance Garrett